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Rank the RMCs


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7. Storm Chaser tried to undress me (and pretty much succeeded) - it's definitely a wild ride. But it's ugly and has a view overlooking a tyre depot.
Thing is, there isn't really an RMC that'll win a beauty contest, what with ugly steel beams poking out at awkward angles and such. They tend to have a shabby industrial look to them.

Not that it matters in the slightest of course, because...
there is not only no bad RMC; there is no non-awesome RMC.


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Thing is, there isn't really an RMC that'll win a beauty contest, what with ugly steel beams poking out at awkward angles and such.

This is true (although I do find Wildfire rather pleasing on the eye) but Storm Chaser is particularly ugly. There's not even much wood left, most of the supports look like scaffolding, or some flimsy, cheapo Pinfari contraption.

there is not only no bad RMC; there is no non-awesome RMC.

This is also true. Even the last two - Joker and Goliath - are both still the best coaster in their respective parks.


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^ think in my head I was picturing it in place of the MCBR somehow, but yes Zadra's stall, and as slow as we can get it... but then again I don't know what I'm doing; that's what we have Alan for.


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I would put my top 5 like:
1. Steel Vengeance
2. Zadra
3. Wildfire
4. Untamed
5. Twisted Collosus (only when it duells, otherwise it sits around the 8th or 9th mark)


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This will be tough because I agree there is no bad RMC or even a "less good" there are just "less great". The least great RMCs are better than 80% of everything out there. So how to rank small differences in greatness?

No doubt #1 is Steel Vengeance. It's perfect. Got tons of everything, great layout (some RMCs do strike me as kind of random), great pace and flow, long ride, just perfect. Agreed with above comments not sure how honestly it can be topped. Perhaps Zadra, Iron Gwazi or Hakugei or any future massive one can equal it, but yeah how can it be significantly improved? Then again I don't have an engineering mind so who knows!

2: Wicked Cyclone. I hear the ride has lost its pace and bite. I've not ridden since opening week and the park is closed this year, so can only go off my experience and it was superb. Basically I felt how I did with SV when that later opened but ofc it's much bigger and better. Whenever I ride this again it probably won't hold up but till then.
3: Storm Chaser. Bit more violent than the above, don't like the layout quite as much. But wow this ride, and the straight up airtime hill in the middle, I left the restraint just a tad loose and it was perhaps the greatest airtime I've experienced.
4: Twisted Colossus. I love it. It has everything and IS a pretty long ride. Yeah yeah the slow ass lift....I'm fine with it. If it was just one lap we'd say wow that was wild! Bit short though, and run back on. Well, no need for that, you get 2 rides for the price of one :D
5: Railblazer. F***ing nuts esp in back, just a bit short. Honestly it may be better than TC but well...TC is longer so it offers more.
6: The Joker. I loved it. Great air, elements, layout and pacing. It really is kind of perfect, but doesn't have anything too unique. If it did throw one or two other things in there may be higher, it was crazy fun. Also back row drop was pretty intense.
7: Twisted Cyclone. Bit on the short side. What's there is superb, but it doesn't pack quite as much as the other RMCs have. It does have the wave turn, and that sideways ejector air is something else.

Was due to hit NTG, IR, TT and most painfully LR this year... all are scrapped so the list ain't changing. Maybe 2021.


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I'm interested in how anyone would place Zadra, Untamed, Hakugei, SV, Lightning Rod, and Wildfire? Once you make that list, Gwazi says hold my beer. Hakugei certainly looks like a great ride, but I've heard Untamed is an absolute masterpiece for airtime hawks. And then the other stellar, yet smaller entries. It's just a great time to be alive for coaster fans.
I'm interested in how anyone would place Zadra, Untamed, Hakugei, SV, Lightning Rod, and Wildfire? Once you make that list, Gwazi says hold my beer. Hakugei certainly looks like a great ride, but I've heard Untamed is an absolute masterpiece for airtime hawks. And then the other stellar, yet smaller entries. It's just a great time to be alive for coaster fans.

Out of those...

1) Hakugei - it really is a monster, unbelievably good and became my new #1 shortly after riding
2) Steve - great but not perfect (I actually think riding hakugei made me notice is flaws a lot more)
3) lightning rod - this may actually ben ranked lower if it wasn't for the amazing night rides I had. Somehow it still manages to feel like a wooden coaster unlike other RMC woodies
4) zadra - fantastic, but over too quickly
5) wildfire - Been a while since I rode it, but great fun, although the pacing at the end doesn't quite hold up to the rest of the ride.
6) untamed -brilliant, especially the first turn/stall thing, but for me it lacks the 'wow' factor of the other huge RMCs. I'm a big fan of sustained big elements, but it doesn't really have the height to pull those off like the larger ones. Great fun nonetheless.

I completed the full RMC set last year (apart from WW, but I've done railblazer), so some of the others such as Medusa, I-rat, WC etc would slot in between some of those, but ranking the whole list is way too hard as they're all great coasters. And it's very close between a lot of them.

I did a pretty extensive composition of Steve Vs hakugei Vs zadra on my YouTube channel which you may find interesting.


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Whether you been on them or not. In order, which ones are the most interesting to you.

Here's mine:

1) Medusa
2) Outlaw Run
3) Wicked Cyclone
4) Twisted Colossus
5) Iron Rattler
6) Goliath
7) New Texas Giant
Only been on two so far but I'm putting New Texas Giant above Iron Rattler. I love the sexy drop on IR but NTG is a far better complete ride. And it has LOADS of airtime. Looking forward to riding Twisted Colossus at the end of the month.
Outlaw run and iron rattler

Matt N

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As this is the thread for RMC discussion, I must admit that while every single one of their rides looks brilliant, there are a few that seem to be really highly rated that I often wonder why they’re as highly rated as they are, particularly some of the company’s earlier creations. The ones I’m thinking of are:
  • Goliath at Six Flags Great America: From a non-rider’s perspective, it’s always looked quite short and lacking in some of the elements that make the RMCs so revered on the whole (it doesn’t look like it has much airtime, and the elements don’t look quite as crazy compared with some of the later ones), but it often gets really highly rated among RMCs, even when compared with some of the newer ones.
  • Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Compared with some of the others, this one doesn’t look quite as fast paced or as crazy, nor does it look to have the airtime that some of the others are known for; apart from the drop off the quarry, it doesn’t look to do as much as many of RMC’s other creations, but it often gets really raved about and ranked very highly among the RMCs.
  • Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City: I admit that this one does look like great fun, with excellent pacing and a nice location, but it’s never looked like a really strong RMC to me; it seems to focus a lot more on speed and inversions than some of the other elements that tend to make RMCs really highly rated. However, this is another one that always gets absolutely raved about.
So I’d be intrigued to know; why are these particular RMCs so highly rated in comparison to some of the other ones? I admit I am yet to ride a single RMC coaster, so it could well be a case of that these coasters ride a lot more strongly than they look to in POVs (even among the 72 coasters I’ve been on, I’ve found a fair few cases of POVs not doing the ride justice!), but I was merely curious.

I accept that these were the company’s earlier creations, so they’re never going to be as bonkers as something like Steel Vengeance in the eyes of most, but I was merely intrigued because they often get rated very highly compared to some of the company’s newer creations.


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Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City: I admit that this one does look like great fun, with excellent pacing and a nice location
Kind of answered the question for me right there! It's brilliant fun, really nippy and in a gorgeous location. Plus, unlike most of the other RMCs it obviously feels and rides like a woodie which elevates it above the steel ones for me. (Not that I've ridden Steel Vengeance yet, which I suspect will take the winning spot).

My opinion could be clouded slightly by the fact that we arrived at a deserted Silver Dollar City on a misty, slightly drizzly day and were able to marathon it for well over an hour, frequently being the only two on the train. Quite blissful!


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1. Twisted Colossus - Still the king surprisingly. I'm using pain as the measure for intensity (in a good way) and nothing has come close to hurting my legs (and neck?!) with airtime as much as this thing did. The out of control-ness out of the high-five hasnt been matched either, in a ride type that starts to feel a little calculated and clinical the more you delve into it. There's also several rides below that suffer from the feeling of hitting the brakes and wanting more. You hit the brakes on this thing. Then you get more. The easy way.

2. Hakugei - Never quite as wild as the Timbers, but it felt a consistently better ride at all times of day in all parts of the train. It has more to offer and what it offers is a slightly closer to perfect mix of elements. It did lack character for me and maybe has one zero-g too many so that, combined with not being the most intense, holds it back from the top spot.

3. Zadra - A really good all rounder, particularly when I compare it to stuff like Untamed and Lightning Rod, because it also has much stronger moments in the first half to compliment that amazing ending. The big boy hill is insane, though overall it lacks in sheer quantity of airtime for my personal tastes. All the turnarounds, most comparatively the outwards banked one, were just a bit meh in comparison to the two above. Stall in the back row gives weird upside down airtime on the exit - beautiful.

4. Twisted Timbers - Closest experience to the above in intensity, but weirdly not on every single lap without fail. Sometimes I'd hit the brakes not knowing what to do with myself, sometimes I'd just be thinking 'that was cool'. The big 3 hills are stupidly sublime, as was the outwards banked hill through the structure (though sadly this never got better than the 1st lap when not knowing it was there). It just keeps going and going in such an amazing fashion, but doesn't quite manage to have every single element hit the spot, like the 3 overbanks are a bit silly (and poorly balanced towards one side of the train).

5. Wicked Cyclone - Didn't get as much out of this as I would have liked (thanks again Six Flags), so it's harder to big it up. Got the right amount of length again, and the way it flows and bounces between the mixture of inversions and airtime is just beautiful. The wonky hills in particular are some of the best in the business.

6. Lightning Rod - Aww. I wanted this to be the best thing ever, but it wasn't. Expectations may have let me down slightly as I thought it was going to be one of the bigger RMCs feat. quad down, but it's actually short and quad down is 50% of the ride. The first half is a little too underwhelming for the rest of it and then just when it gets absolutely amazing, it ends.

7. Untamed - Not the most intense and contains noticeably weaker sections than any of the above. Still gives an amazing, lengthy ride that delivers a lot of incredible moments. My head says it's objectively better than the Rod, but my heart just won't let that happen at this moment. Lack of character again.

8. Twisted Cyclone - What it does is as good as its wicked and timber brothers, just half the length. Favourite bit was the immensely intense hill out of the sideways thing that you don't really see coming from the back.

9. Railblazer - Due to the wackiness and more intense airtime moments, but just really short and maybe slightly elevated by being a completely fresh experience and only doing back row at night every time.

10. Joker - Didn't manage to fall for it. Could partly be the parks fault. Higher quantity of fun elements throughout than Wildfire off the top of my head, but nothing that stands out quite as much.

11. Wildfire - Kicked into the dirt (of the top 30) even further now that Lightning Rod feels like wood and this doesn't. Still every one I've ridden since has those ingredients of what makes RMC amazing. This just doesn't do that stuff. Why?


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Updated with my two 2020 additions

1 Outlaw Run - based off 2 rides (front and back seat ridden), +night ride
2 StormChaser - based off 6 rides (front and back seat ridden)
3 Steel Vengeance - based off 2 rides (front and back seat ridden)
4 Wicked Cyclone - based off 4 rides (front and back seat ridden)
5 Lightning Rod - based off 5 rides (front and back seat ridden)
6 RailBlazer - based off 3 rides (front and back seat ridden)
7 Twisted Timbers - based off 3 rides (front and back seat ridden)
8 Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster - based off 3 rides (front and back seat ridden), +night ride
9 Joker - based off 5 rides (front and back seat ridden)
10 Iron Rattler - based off 2 rides (front and back seat ridden), +night ride
11 Twisted Cyclone - based off 5 rides (front and back seat ridden)
12 New Texas Giant - based off 3 rides (back seat ridden), +night ride
13 Twisted Colossus - based off 2 rides (front and back seat ridden)

Should be getting Jersey Devil Coaster next summer and Iron Gwazi will be just an hour or so away from me <3
Oh, how wrong I was to assume this back last fall :'(


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Twisted Colossus truly hard to rank. It could either be a top 3 RMC or somewhere around the 10 mark. It all depends if it duels or not. That drop is still really good, best in the park in my opinion and you get to experience it twice. Doing that drop twice is incredible though I slightly prefer the blue drop as I seem to find it a tad more forceful. I think it is because the blue lifthill is a tad bit faster than the green one. Anyone else who has the same feeling? But the rest is normal RMC goodstuff that we all have gotten used to. I just dont understand why Six Flags dont just bring back RMC and either copy the system they have on WCR or just stop the green lift untill the other train reaches the blue lift. It shouldnt be hard.