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Rank the RMCs


Captain Basic
1) Goliath - Honestly my all-time favorite coaster. The pacing is top notch, the elements are superb, and is really quite a beautiful ride(I mean come on how can anyone not like that lift structure?)I have such a personal attachment to this thing, I don't think any other RMC will be able to top it now.

2) Steel Vengeance - Objectively it's the best ride I've done. It's absolutely relentless with buckets of air. I always get to the brake run either out of breath or laughing uncontrollably, sometimes both. Just an incredible experience, really.

3) Storm Chaser - What a powerhouse! It honestly blew me away when I first rode it. The airtime is some of the strongest I've ever felt, and just speeds through the layout like it's nothing. Not to mention how surprisingly smooth it was. Probably my biggest surprise of the year.

4) Lightning Rod - Only got one ride on it, but it was great for what it was. The mountainside setting is gorgeous, and the ride was really good. I guess it just didn't blow me away like some of the ones higher up on this list. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more once I get myself back down to Dollywood.

5) Twisted Timbers - It was good! Some solid airtime, some cool inversions, the like. I guess it just wasn't as memorable as the others. The ops weren't the best when I was there as well...

6) Outlaw Run - It's been like 5 years since I've done it, so my memory is quite hazy. But from what I remember, the ride slowed down a ton coming into the brakes and wasn't the strongest set of elements. Still a solid ride, but it's what you get with the first of its kind.

7) Twisted Cyclone - Just a bit small tbh. The stuff that was there was good, just don't think a Cyclone ride was the best thing to convert. Again, still really solid, just not as good as the others.


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1) Goliath - Honestly my all-time favorite coaster. The pacing is top notch, the elements are superb, and is really quite a beautiful ride(I mean come on how can anyone not like that lift structure?)I have such a personal attachment to this thing, I don't think any other RMC will be able to top it now.
Do you still work there? ;) You know Zadra has a very similar lift structure right?

1 - Steel Vengeance - But is it SteVe tho? Well yeah, yeah it is.
2 - Zadra - Oooh this thing is super fast, it has one of the best drops going and some amazing elements, it's all tied up in a wonderful package. Does it beat SteVe for the best RMC? Not right now, but I haven't had a night ride yet. Next year that's the plan.
3 - Lightning Rod - It's amazing, restraints are fine, buckets of airtime, excellent setting, killer first drop, every seat delivers a fantastic ride, launch is fast enough and it has the best RMC element. It does seem to drag out in the first half compared to the two above, but it's still an incredible coaster.
4 - Storm Chaser - Glorious airtime and a great drop, back is where it's at for this one as the airtime is incredibly strong. Lacks the visuals from a good setting but dat airtime tho.
5 - Outlaw Run - Still holds up to it's newer brothers, both LR and OR have such incredible scenery it really adds something, a little on the shorter side but up until the rolls it's absolutely brilliant, I hate the 2nd roll though, hangy ****e.
6 - Goliath - Goliath dropped a bit after riding the ones above, it's excellent late at night, but nowhere near as good during the day. Back 2 rows at night are really brilliant though, especially the dive's headchoppers!
7 - Wildfire - Pacing is severely affected by the two slow points over the cliff on the roll and final "airtime hill", which ruins the 2nd half in all honesty, everything up to the roll over is incredible, if it kept up the pacing through the rest it would be much higher up the list.
8 - Wicked Cyclone - An incredible coaster in it's own right but when stacked against the ones above, it shows the flaws. Mainly the height issue, there just isn't enough speed through the course, even before the final circuit to the brakes where it's painfully slow. It does have quite a few fab moments though, including the drop, the twisted airtime hill by the camera and the wonderful Zero G.

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Only done 5 RMCs so far but here's my take:

1) Wildfire - The start to this ride is honestly the best I've ever experienced. The view and scenery are incredible (Scandinavia <3), the first drop is mental, the stall has insane whip and hangtime, and the outer bank has crazy forces as well. The two following hills also deliver some pretty great airtime. However, Wildfire has some serious flaws in the second half that nearly keep it from my top ten. The whole second half feels sluggish and nothing bothers me more than a ride that slowly peters out. That last roll is the saving grace of the second half though.

2) Storm Chaser - In terms of ride quality I definitely prefer this to Wildfire, but scenery is less than pleasant and comes no where near comparing to the Swedish hills and lakes. Once again I definitely prefer the first half, the barrel roll drop is unique, the following hill is one of my all time favorite hills as are the two twisting hills and the hill before the barrel roll. I'm not a huge fan of the obnoxiously strong but not sustained air at the finale, but this coaster still took me by surprise and I absolutely adored it.

3) Steel Vengeance - Now, let me say, this coaster is awesome. I don't think it's the best on Earth but it has some awesome moments: namely the crazy outer banked hill, the stall, and the wave turn. I must say, the drop was underwhelming compared to other RMCs though and the length of the coaster began to make it feel repetitive and mechanical. The final section of six (very unsustained) airtime hills began to feel a bit redundant after having so many very similar sensations throughout the ride. Also, I have to mention, with other RMCs it lacks intensity in any direction besides vertical negative Gs. There are some spots with decent laterals but the vertical positive Gs are nonexistent.

4) Wicked Cyclone - This was my first RMC and it packs a huge punch for its small stature. The drop is great, the off axis and outer banked hills deliver, the stall is super fun, and so are the barrel rolls. It definitely loses steam after the first barrel roll however. The "Drivers Ed" turn is pointless and the double reversing banked airtime hill is awkward in a bad way. After that it still delivers airtime but basically crawls into the station.

5) Outlaw Run - Here's the most underwhelming of the RMCs. I love terrain, wooden coasters but this coaster felt both too slow and too short. The drop is insane as are the few airtime moments in the middle of the ride. I thought the first inversion was forgettable though, as with the ending barrel rolls. I thought I would love the wave turn (and it's one of my favorite moments on SV) but it did nothing unfortunately.
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3) Steel Vengeance - Now, let me say, this coaster is awesome. I don't think it's the best on Earth but it has some awesome moments: namely the crazy outer banked hill, the stall, and the wave turn.
SV doesn't have a stall.
5) Outlaw Run - I thought the first inversion was unforgettable though, as with the ending barrel rolls.
What is the first inversion? I seem to have forgotten it, I thought the only inversions were the barrel rolls ?

Glad to see some Wildfire love though, gets a lot of hate but that first half is really magical.


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The second inversion is definitely a stall, I don't know what else you would consider it.
It doesn't pause at the top, so it's not a stall. It's a cutback zero-g roll, or something like that. Have you ridden a stall? SV's rides nothing like the others, regardless of what RCDB might say.

I know what I call it, mind you - turd.


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I think the park calls it a snake dive. From what I can deduce from Steel Vengeance's and Storm Runner's, it's just a vague term for a twisted, turning drop out of an inversion. But call it what you will.

(Goliath's stall is still the best of the ones I've been on ❤️)


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It doesn't pause at the top, so it's not a stall. It's a cutback zero-g roll, or something like that. Have you ridden a stall? SV's rides nothing like the others, regardless of what RCDB might say.

I know what I call it, mind you - turd.
I have done an RMC stall on Wildfire and WC, and they ride completely differently, but if every element type ran exactly the same then coasters would be pretty boring. Imagine if every single "airtime hill" had the exact same sensation, coasters would get quite repetitive wouldn't they? Technically by hitting 180 degrees it does pause briefly so by that definition, it is a stall. You literally said "or something like that" so clearly you don't know either.

You can call it a cutback zero g roll if you'd like, I'm not gonna tell you not to.


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Ah semantics. Fun.

It's a snake dive/twisted snake dive. Both the park and Alan himself have called it this. Neeeeext.


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Updated with my two 2019 additions

1 Outlaw Run (based off 2 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
2 StormChaser (based off 6 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
3 Steel Vengeance (based off 2 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
4 Wicked Cyclone (based off 4 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
5 Lightning Rod (based off 4 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
6 RailBlazer (based off 3 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
7 Twisted Timbers (based off 3 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
8 Joker (based off 5 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
9 Twisted Cyclone (based off 4 rides) (front and back seat ridden)
10 New Texas Giant (based off 3 rides) (back seat ridden)
11 Twisted Colossus (based off 2 rides) (front and back seat ridden)

Should be getting Jersey Devil Coaster next summer and Iron Gwazi will be just an hour or so away from me <3


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1 Wildfire
2 Outlaw Run
3 Lightning Rod
4 Twisted Colossus
5 Storm Chaser
6 Iron Rattler
7 Medusa
8 Wicked Cyclone
9 Goliath
10 The Joker
11 New Texas Giant

I'm guessing SteVe will take the top spot when I finally get to ride it!


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1. Steel Vengeance - Always going be hard to beat with out going to Japan.
2. Zadra
3. Untamed
4. Twisted Collossus
5. Golaith
6. Joker

Only another 13 to do


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I only got two stapled rides on SV. Enjoyed it a lot, still, but not enough of a chance to properly appreciate it. I’m heading back this summer for three days, so I’ll be able to see if everyone is right about SV or if the rest of the world are idiots.

The ones I’ve been on:
1. Lightning Rod
2. Twisted Timbers
3. Untamed
4. Steel Vengeance
5. Wicked Cyclone
6. Twisted Colossus
7. Medusa Steel Coaster
8. Iron Rattler
9. Goliath
10. Outlaw Run
11. Storm Chaser
12. New Texas Giant


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In making that list, it strikes me once again that there is not only no bad RMC; there is no non-awesome RMC.

Imagine if RMC as a manufacturer didn’t exist, so there was no sense of RMC as a type, as the phenomenon that it is. Then if you somehow came across the worst RMC as an anonymous one-off coaster how good you’d think it is.

I suppose that’s what the riders of NTG felt when it first opened.


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I haven’t ridden a ton but of the ones I have...

1. Lightning Rod. My favorite coaster currently. The night ride i had on it in the front row probably informs that opinion. I love rides that make great use of terrain and this does that. You’re on a wild adventure in the woods and have no clue where you’re going.

2. Steel Vengeance. Probably the most perfect roller coaster ever designed. The only reason it’s not my #1 is that my body doesn’t produced as much adrenaline as it used to in my pre-teenage years through early 30s and it feels a bit like I just got out of a fight when the train rolls back into the station, whereas Lightning Rod has me wanting to go ride again immediately.

3. Iron Rattler. There’s a significant drop off from #2 to #3 for me, but this is still very very good and in my top 20. I had 3rides on this (2 in the front and 1 in the back) and my first front row ride was a bit underwhelming as it was early in the day. It’s also a shorter ride. But that said, it makes great use of the terrain and has two great drops.

4. Wonder Woman. This could be my #3 and the main reason it isn’t higher is the shorter length. But I love how it sits over the water and next to the big wall at the park. It also maybe has the highest proportion of ejector air time relative to track length. Super smooth for how intense it is.

5. Twisted Colossus. It only dueled the first time I rode it like 4 years ago and I just think the two lift hills screws the pacing for me a bit when it’s not. Still a good ride.

6. Railblazer. I know it’s the same as Wonder Woman but for whatever reason (maybe the setting/atmosphere) I didn’t enjoy my rides on this nearly as much. Again though, it’s still better than 90% of the roller coasters I’ve been on.


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1. Steel Vengeance. Still my number 1 coaster. I can't envisage what the coaster that beats it would even look like.
The big question then, does Zadra make the number 2 spot...?

2. Err.. No. I think Untamed is better. Zadra might be longer, taller and faster but Untamed is more fun. It's more stupid (in a good way), it has more airtime and, y'know... knuffelbeers. ?

3. Zadra. It's long, it's tall and it's fast (and the zero g stall is the best one yet) but it's not as much fun as Untamed, not as stupid and doesn't have as much airtime. And, y'know... no knuffelbeers. ?

4. Gets trickier to separate them from now on, but I think I'll put Outlaw Run next. I just loved the location, the theme and the pacing. It's just an absolute blast.

5. If anything, Wildfire's location is even more spectacular than Outlaw Run's - it's a sight to behold that's for sure. But it has a few weak moments.

6. Railblazer. I'm extremely excited for these single rail coasters, they really do feel different to traditional twin rail coasters and the potential here is enorrrrmous... it just needs tweaking and refining a bit.

7. Storm Chaser tried to undress me (and pretty much succeeded) - it's definitely a wild ride. But it's ugly and has a view overlooking a tyre depot.

8. Joker. Tough call choosing between this and Goliath for last place. It's good.. but it's not RMC good. Could do with a tad more speed I reckon.

9. Goliath has the speed, but it doesn't have the layout, the airtime or the duration needed to compete against the more recent ones.

That's my lot for now, not sure when I'll be getting another one. Woulda been Iron Gwazi but.... yeah nah. ?

Luca B

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1. Lightning Rod- My current number 1 and deservingly so. I’m pretty sure I rode it when it launched slightly faster than how it is now, so when I reride it, it could fall down, however I still love this ride so much. The mountainous setting is really unique, but the airtime makes this ride for me; every element following the launch had ejector, which I can’t say about any other ride. All of the ejector is strong as well, meaning every element delivered for me. I also enjoyed how there were hints of laterals on the 2 twist and shouts and on the quad down, which made the ride feel even more aggressive.
2. Zadra- I was honestly worried about a less airtime focused RMC, but it turns out RMC doesn’t just have to rely on airtime filled layouts. While the airtime is solid, around the same strength as that found on Steel Vengeance, what really made it were the laterals and positives which made the ride feel much more aggressive. It was just the perfect combination of everything I want in a coaster and the ride just throws you around so much. But I do wish that the airtime was just a bit stronger.
3. Steel Vengeance- It’s not too aggressive but just so much fun. I love the quantity of airtime as it just keeps on going, providing some pretty unique and fun airtime moments, but I found no element outside of the first 2 huge hills to be outstanding. I love rides which throw you around loads and try to rip you apart, but for me, Steel Vengeance didn’t do that.
4. Storm Chaser- It may be small but it packs a huge punch. The airtime on this is RMC’s strongest and it also has some surprising laterals. The only reason I rank if lower than SV is because of the drop, which while being fun, just can’t match the other ejector filled RMC drops. I also wasn’t a fan of the zero g roll but I guess it gives time for your legs to recover between the crazy sustained ejector of the first half and the violent second section.
5. Untamed- It’s a mini Steel Vengeance but without the amazing huge hills in the first half of SV, however it does sort of make up for that with the corner stall, which has my favourite moment of floater on any coaster. The rest of the ride has solid ejector, but nothing outstanding except for the one bunny hill under the corner stall, and I also found all the inversions after the corner stall to feel awkward and boring, but the sheer quantity of airtime makes up for that and it’s still ejector which is great.
6. Twisted Cyclone- Really aggressive, but way too short. The drop is so snappy, the first 2 inversions are floaty but surprisingly fun, and then the rest of the layout is just aggressive airtime and laterals with the only break being the zero g roll. I love how strong the airtime is, but it’s the only coaster where I’ve got off and been annoyed by the short duration.
7. Wildfire- The first 3 elements are insane, everything after is just mediocre.
8. Twisted Colossus- Some great elements with some good ejector, but nothing really blew me away and towards the end of each half, the elements really underdeliver. Still a really fun ride and in my top 20, just not quite RMC’s best.


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Steel Vengeance - obv

Untamed - buckets of 'laughing airtime' and a long ride in a nice setting

Zadra - the wild one, relentless from start to finish

Storm Chaser - similar to Untamed but in a crap setting. Some of the transitions are a tad uncomfortable. Love the first drop on the back row.

Goliath - rode early on so maybe it needs to warm up, this was a huge let down. Preferred Raging Bull *runs*.