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PIZZA... Knife and fork or hands?

How do you eat pizza in a restaurant?

  • Knife and fork.

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  • Hands.

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Hixee said:
Pizza Hut - hands

Most other pizza places - cutlery

Home - hand

Easy really.

I'm the same as Hixee. Some pizzas, such as Pizza Express', are just to thin to pick up with your hands anyway. It just results in the topping falling off all over the plate.


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Hands.. with all pizzas. To do otherwise is a disgrace to pizza everywhere.


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Hands, I'm an animal, I'll rarely choose something to eat in a restaurant that would require cutlery. I'd eat steak with my hands if I didn't get weird looks haha.


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nadroJ said:
I'd eat steak with my hands if I didn't get weird looks haha.
Stick it between two slices of bread or equivalent, and voila...

On the basis that pizza's rubbish, I don't feel qualified to vote on this, but generally speaking if it's bread based, it's finger food. Actually, I have an unfortunate habit of eating chips with my fingers wherever I am as well, but this is beside the point. So essentially, Taylor's right. So maybe it's ideal for a first date - if they try to eat sandwiches with a knife and fork; they're not for you. But then there's the age old garlic dilemma...

I'm actually a bit concerned by how much thought I'm putting into these polls of inanity lately :lol:


If I have a deep dish pizza I eat it with my hands, but everything else with knife and fork anywhere. Well, except if I'd be with some friends somewhere and people would be ordering pizzas of course I wouldn't demand/request to get a knife or fork.


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Proper thin based Italian pizza when eaten in a restaurant (especially if a slightly classier one) then knife and fork.

Deep pan, or any consumed at home, then definitely fingers.


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If at home, tear with hands and eat with hands but at a resturant, I'll cut with a knife and then eat with hands.


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With one exception, it's always hands.

The only time I eat it with a fork is if it's my mom's homemade pizza, which is made with biscuit crust so it's brittle.