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God damn that lighting is my spirit animal. <3

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Mysterious Sue

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For once I'm kind of glad that we're going later in the season for the Live. It'll get dark earlier and that means more night rides and more time to enjoy that spectacular lighting.


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^ I don't think it really gets dark in that part of the world before 6pm in October? Or is there an after hours ERS scheduled for CF live?

I believe the only time you can get proper night rides in Phantasialand is in Winter. It's well worth going if you have the chance. :)


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Winter is a must. Talocan at night is one hell of an experience! Both to watch and ride.

As for Taron, what else needs to be said. It looks incredible, could get in my top 5, if not top 3.


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^what is Phantasialand like for winter operations? I've always been tempted but didn't want to get all the way there to be faced with not a lot open!

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nadroJ said:
^what is Phantasialand like for winter operations? I've always been tempted but didn't want to get all the way there to be faced with not a lot open!

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Everything is open (apart from River Quest, but I'm sure nobody would want to ride that in winter) and the crowds seem to be quite light. I visited on a November Saturday last year and everything was a walk-on.


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Taron is truly fab! Some real ejector moments, nice pacing, really relentless and just brilliant in general. Throughput is great unsurprisingly - never queued more than 25 minutes for it, and the queue only peaked at about 60 mins apparently. Station area is a bit disappointing though by Phantasialand standards; not much atmosphere or theming compared to the likes of their other major rides.

Raik is alright and is reasonably intense for a family coaster. The station is great actually, but the actual coaster segment is a bit meh - I prefer Ben 10's layout at Drayton.

In general, Klugheim looks and feels fab. Photos don't do it justice tbh


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I got to go on Friday and Sunday!!!! I used my time around the park but still managed about a dozen rides on Taron! WOW!!!! The second launch will take your breath away! The air time, ejector time, the speed...it all adds up to an amazing ride experience. I have to say though, that I disagree with the lack of theming some have complained about. There is great detail throughout the que and the entire land, little details that can only be seen from certain angles, and hidden gems that build the anticipation (like vibrating lantern's!).

On Friday there seemed to be a lot of stopages - for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. it seemed like it was just computer or timing issues and they began operations with just three trains before brining the fourth online after about an hour of operation. Not as many on Sunday even though the park was busier. And the line still continued to move. (operation did halt just after 1800 though -- it was our last ride of the day before we had to leave the park so I don't know how long that stoppage was for.).

The trains put a LOT of pressure and force on the tracks. I can see this coaster needing maintenance on a regular basis and as a result will be down a few times a year for maintenance rather than just once or twice. The difference in some track segments from the shiny example of day two to day four was dramatic, a lot of worn paint after just a few days -- I'm not an expert though and knowing that the friction will eat away the paint on the rails, it may just be normal, but you can FEEL the force of the trains just standing in the que...

It is amazing to see and feel those trains pass by so close to where we are waiting.

The throughput does seem impressive though...as long as the trains stayed online, the line kept moving at a pretty steady pace -- hint -- DO NOT use the single rider line! The trains are only two across and the single riders waited as long (and - at least on one occasion when I paced someone through the line - the wait for single rider was actually longer!!).

I think the front row and all middle rows are best -- I did not enjoy the last car of the train though. I can't explain why, but the ride felt less intense in the last row. Waiting longer for the front row is not important as long as you can avoid the last car. But you should always try to ride the front row at least once!

But I can say this without hesitation -- 12 rides over two days...and I'm ready to go back now! :)