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Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched


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They are doing a pretty good job of hiding from sight the new area. Walls are up across the 'bridge' (where you overlook Chiapas on the other side) and they don't let you get near the back-end of the area (at the back of River Quest / Mystery Castle).

Theres one big opening that they seem to have deliberately left (since it could have easily been walled off I feel) through which you can see this;

but thats about it.


This picture has been posted on PhantaFriends

Looks like the entrance is on the right, where the logo is!
Really excited for next week now!


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Coastercruiser!!! WOW!!!!! I did NOT need anymore encouragement! But these pics...>WOW!!!!!! Everyone to Phantasialand!!!!

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Loving the abundance of wooden structures, it adds some much needed colour to the grey back drop and the area feels a lot more lively. I also need to praise the lighting in the indoor pic, the finish of the some of the wood, the architectural design, the design of the cute rope-pulley structures, the small details etc there's so much and these pictures are probably just the tip of the iceberg.


I don't think the indoor bit's lit other than natural light through the stained glass windows!


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That can't be real.

Nothing that beautiful has ever existed.

I'm in love <3


I'm just so glad that I'll sit inside this roller coaster in about 30 days. The theming looks awesome and the layout of Taron looks like so much fun!


Aesthetically, the theming still looks very unfinished and lifeless to me. A bit disappointing from Phantasialand in that respect. Thankfully the coaster itself looks amazing.


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Saw the ride testing yesterday. From what you can see, the area looks incredible and I can't wait to get back.


The press live stream is up if you fancy watching



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Currently running the POV. Mother of God.

EDIT: Start video at 55:00 for POV.


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They got the amazing Tobi on their live stream!! Yay.

This stream is amazing, the ride looks amazing. Can't wait to finally get on this beast next week. That second launch looks absolutely mental.

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