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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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Chris Theis changed the profile picture
from his podcast on Instagramm
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we should talk urgently
and the date 18.09.20



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Onride videos are good and well,
but back to things that are really interesting:

There will be a toilet in Rookburgh! Will it be Klugheim level themed? Who knows:


Full picture, source is https://twitter.com/teamloopings

It looks like they're finished. Admittedly it's only a small view into the area, but there's no obvious construction materials lying around and they are packing things onto pallets to transport out.
Crappy footage crappy edit
Even though the quality is crap, I found it quite informative. The pacing of that first quarter we see in the video is actually great! It looks a little more forceful than I originally thought the ride is intended to be. So definitely not too much towards a family ride. In that first section I particularly like the slightly twisted hill after the zero-g-roll. I guess it will deliver good ejector airtime (meaning: your back is push towards the seat). Very nice.

If the ride continues in that pace I anticipate that it pulls quite some g's in the curve after the second launch. All in all, compared to other flying coasters (that is their sections in flying position; pretzel is of course a different story) I don't think that it'll be that much on the tame side regarding the forces. So, I expect it will not only be the theming that will blow us away, the track layout itself is probably better than it looks at first sight. (At least for me; I must admit I was not super exited when I first saw the layout, but now I think I start to understand were it wants to go.)


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It's typical for Poopings to make news about being toilets in the area, when there has already been a GIGANTIC sign pointing towards those toilets in the fantasy area for years xD

They are also tweeting that the area will open tomorrow. I somehow doubt that very much. It would be nice if they are actually right about this though. But then I'm wondering why there is no press event or something.

I think the lockers across the toilets are way more interesting (i could get a better look at them, but no pic). Wonder if they will be used for real, or if they are only their as theming.


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Latest Story from Manuela Loeffelhardt, show director at Phantasialand and obviously member of the Loeffelhardt family behind the park.

Quite cryptic post. It says 18.07.2020, but why is the date so hidden and why the "FLY" hint? Maybe just to trigger some fans :D

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