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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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I’m still thinking it will be the 21. or 22. September for the opening , if not it would be sad but I think I can wait a little bit longer.


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The fact the thumbnail for Flying Pilot's POV is a screenshot of one of his posts makes me think the video includes some sort of massive jerk off about how he's right and everyone else is wrong and Phantasialand is bad. Maybe that's all the video is and it's a massive troll.

All I know is I've waited over 3 years for this. A few more days/weeks/months to experience the ride for myself isn't going to kill me, and will be infinitely better than whatever dodgy POVs get leaked unofficially online.

Nicky Borrill

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Things I'm looking forward to on this project (in decreasing order of excitement) :
  1. Brian finally clearing off
  2. The slow death of this thread
  3. The cred
Oh, and just for the record, again - there is, and always has been, a schedule. ;)
Of course there was a schedule! Can you imagine trying to manage a building project with no schedule... The conversations with the suppliers would be hillarious.

PL: Can you handle this for us?

Supplier: Sure, when would you like it to be completed by?

PL: well, whenever really, not fussed.

Supplier: We need a schedule to quote you and plan our own timetable...

PL: Nah, just get round to it whenever you feel like.

Supplier: ?!?!

It just doesn’t work like that, projects like this involve hundreds of different teams of people, those suppliers absolutely need a schedule. Covid has undoubtedly forced changes, but anybody mistaking that as proof there was never a schedule is a fool.


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Here you can see at about 8:38 that the passengers are illuminated by an external light.
I really like the flashing red lights. They remind me somehow of an airstrip. Espacially around the airships they are place, probably to mark the parking position.

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