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Parque Warner Madrid.


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Superman was ok. To be honest, I don't think i've been overly impressed with any of the Floorless coasters I have ridden. They are ok B&M coasters so definitely better than most other stuff out there but they are just a bit meh. A little forceless perhaps.

Like I say, for me, Superman was ok. Nice amount of speed and swooping around etc but nothing incredibly out of the ordinary that will make you remember it forever.


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I wasn't in love with Superman in 07, but I think I'd like it more now than I did then?

It's better than Kraken, Hydra and SFNE's but I do think it lacks the intensity of Medusa/Scream, Dominator and the other Medusa.

I've done too many Floorlesses...


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I think everything was open in PdA Madrid when we went?

I remember Tarantula sucking on our first go and was awesome on our second. Also it was scheduled to be open until midnight which I think it was.

Superman for me is the only floorless I've rode and unless you sit at the front, I found it very average.


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I don't understand all the PdA spite.. Everything was open when I went, although that was with TPR in 2007 so we got on the kiddie creds that were there at the time.. <3 the flying one is **** beyond belief lol! Tornado was a bit ****, we had to wait like 15mins for enough people to fill a train.. Even then we must have all been skinny minnies as we almost stalled around the loops </3

And Parque Warner was amaze. The rapids are insane!! 9 people queezed into one of those boats is hilarious, they spin constantly. Superman is ace, and coaster express is one of the best woodies out there.


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Kraken is one of my favourite coasters. I think I'm going to like this Superman, then.

I'm suddenly intrigued by these parks now when previously my only interest had been "nearest Batman clone" and "themed Batman clone". Batman clearly being one of the best inverts. <3


I went to Parque Warner in June 2007 on a Sunday and it was actually pretty busy! I bought their Flashpass band which was actually insanely cheap compared to others (ie. unlimited rides on most rides, and allowed to choose any seat you wanted.. front or back). Even though it was actually pretty busy most of the people stayed to just the Wild West and kids areas.

I really like the park, great line-up of rides. Some nice theming and atmosphere around the place and Stuntfall was open aswell, it's not as good as Port Aventura but it's not far behind. Superman is a decent coaster, had a couple great rides on it and a few average ones. It's a shame the park doesn't seem to be doing that well though.

Parque Atracciones is okay. Operations are AWFUL, Tornado's queue an hour because it took them at least 10minutes to dispatch the one train. The girl even forgot to release the rope to let riders board the train holding up loading an extra 5mins. Oh and the same girl gave up the restraint check half way through to go to talk to her friend :p .

Both parks are deffo worth the visit though and are both very easy to get to from Madrid.


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Joey said:
Is Superman supposed to be any good? Never hear anything about it to the point of forgetting it exits.

Does sound like an odd park. Why's it so empty?

1) It's actually in the middle of nowhere. Not far from Madrid for an enthusiast to visit, but the general population would proably rather just mince to PdA because it's in the city.

2) Even though Spain gets a lot of tourism, the majority of resorts and big cities (except madrid) are by the coast, which is too far from the park to make it worth the effort, especially when most coastal cities have their own parks / water parks nearby.

3) Madrid is quite big (6 million in the urban area), but like I said, it already has a park in the city which goes for a similar target market. If PdA was a kiddie/family park and Warner more of a thrill park, they'd probably get a more balanced number or guests, but they both have a mix of thrilling coasters and kiddie/family rides. Also, apart from Madrid, there aren't really any other major towns or cities in the centre of the country, unlike the UK which is a lot more densley populated and thus a park on the outskirts of London can be within a 2 hour drive of 20 or 30 million people. This is how several major parks can survive in the London Metropolitan area, and why just 2 'around' Madrid doesn't seem very sustainable.

4) Also, I don't think the parks strategy of building pretty much everything for opening year, then not bothering to invest anything for years was a good idea. I know they're starting to put more stuff in now, but it's a rather modest expansion. A strategy like Hong Kong Disney to open the park in stages, encouraging repeat visits, would probably have been more effective.

That's just the idea I got anyway...


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Parque warner is a great park - I felt the only thing holding it back from being a top 5 park were a lack of backing attractions, and maybe 1 more good dark ride.

I really liked superman, and batman is a great ride (I much prefered it to khan!), the madhouse is good, and they've got 2 good flumes, and the rapids is only 2nd to popeye and bluto at IOA.

I was very surprised by the lack of crowds when I visited in august - would be a great shame if the park went due to the lack of interest.

PDA was a bit scruffy but had some great rides - as someone else said, the haunted walkthrough is bloomin ace!

El Patricko

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Well i felt that many of the extras which the UK bunch seem to endlessly keep adding are left out of Parque warner. for instance there is, or at least i couldn't find an on-ride photo kiosk for batman la fuga.

There were clear pathways dotted around, and the park was easy enough to navigate. But i found there to be not much direction there Its understandable, but i feel that if Park warner were in the UK there would be more stern directions. Obviously this is a bad thing. I loved it just the way it was, even the brail coaster. :)

No doubt the dark haunted hotel was impressive, although i agree. Perhaps there should be another dark ride to broaden the pallet somewhat.

Did anyone by chance go on the shot 'n' drop tower? We went on and failed to realise that instead of winching you up to the top slowly like all previous drop towers ive been on, instead shoots you up (and i mean, shoots you up!) to some fantastic ariel views of the park.


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^ I managed to get on the Shot AND Drop one. Amazing views =] They do alternate which one they use from just shot, just drop and shot & drop.

Martyn B

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I'm off to Madrid in a couple of days, and I'd like a little advice on Parque de Atraccionnes. That place can be very spiteful in the rain from what a lot of people say. But what are they like in nice weather, but mid-week, off peak?

I was planning on leaving it until the weekend (if the weather was supposed to be nice) like Gavin said, but all their major coasters have such awful capacity, which would lead to long queue's in the Spanish sun! The park is open 11am-midnight, so getting things done wouldn't be a problem, but I'd rather go on a quiet day, without getting spited.


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Both of the Madrid parks are extremely easy to get to, but as others have said try to get to Parque de Atracciones on a dry day (although I can't speak for Warner as I never wnet there).

When I visited in late 2010 there was light drizzle in the morning and only the kiddie rides were open. I managed to steal a child for one of the coasters but there was nobody around Turbulencia so didn't get on that. After a while they started opening a few rides and I got on Tarántula, but Abismo and the Wild Mouse remained closed all day. The Intamin was open apparently, but as no guests were in the park you couldn't really tell; the ride went around twice when I was on the ridiculously slow monorail, but when I got to the ride only a couple other people were waiting before it started to lightly drizzle again, so they closed the park down. :?

Also, because the floor was slightly wet and they have no grip whatsoever, I managed to fall onto my ass for the first time in my life... But otherwise, it's a nice enough park, but is just scared of the rain...

Martyn B

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There's internet access at the hotel so I'll be able to keep any eye on the weather, and we're going for 5 days so we should be able to pick a good day.

Unfortunatley it seems Warner is closed just now....

Its closed Mondays and Tuesdays at this time of year.

Martyn B

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^ How did you get that up in English? And I think thats an old calender, as its shows the 5th June as a Sunday, yet it was Tuesday this year. But yeah, its still not hard to find in Spanish, and stuff like that should really be checked before visiting.... I've had a quick browse on their FB/Tw and I cant find anything to suggest they were closed when they shouldn't have been.

Martyn B

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Ok, so the original poster was right; its a gem of a park.

Gutted that Stunt Fall spited me, but Superman was amazing. so forcefull with positives and negatives - and thats with two trims.

And Batman..... my word. Easily the most forceful coaster I´ve been on, so much more powerful than Nemesis, and more prolonged. 3 rides was more than enough for one day, I couldn´t take the intensity (andpins and needle´s in my feet) anymore! Also just love the way it just throws you through the inversions at a stupid pace, the zero-g and flatspins just whipped over in a second and then there´s the many stupidly forceful turns.... And as for the queue line....amazing.

Really do love the place. Even Coaster Express was a laugh, rough as hell at the back, but the crazy bouncing made up for it. A few spots of air and the large drops were fun.

Going back for more tomorrow, so fingers crossed for Stunt Fall.


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Good luck on Stunt Fall. I love Boomerangs, so I can't imagine how good the GIBs are [/jealous]

And yeah, the Batman rides are stunningly intense, a little too much to be honest.