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Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


Mega Poster
Maybe I'm missing something but why is this one at Warner called an outward banked dive loop. Just looks like a kind of wonky normal dive loop to me.

to me this one in Dubai is an outwardly banked dive loop.View attachment 20612
where the track banks outward unlike inwards as seen in every other one ever.
it’s intamin who put the name appearently. But yeah idk why, maybe because instead of going to the interior or more to the left to take the dive loop, it goes straight and shifted to the right, so for me it’s kind of like if it wants to go outside therefore outer XD. But idk there are many interpretations.


Giga Poster
That de-confirms any movie-based Batman theme, unless they’re really going to base it on the Joel Schumacher films for whatever reason. I was kinda holding out hope for a Matt Reeves Batman aesthetic, but oh well.


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Semi related to this project, Intamin's new Vertical Launch webpage features some renderings of their updated LSM trains, featuring centered LSM stators & brakes as well as extra-offset rear seats on each car:
View attachment 21304
The theming & body design obviously doesn't reflect what the Parque Warner coaster will have, but I would assume that this is the general chassis & seat design!
Mystery solved I guess... I knew they couldn't be the old trains, didn't really make sense given that we are in 2022.


Mega Poster
Looks like it's the marketing interns' 'time to shine'...

They're spending probably €20 million + on this huge new roller coaster, probably one of the most exciting to arrive in Spain for well over 5 years, and they announce it on a rubbish graphic - where's the creativity!
Well, at this point nothing surprises me. I have been saying it since the beginning of the construction and I will maintain with this opinion: PW’s marketing is one of the worst out there. I don’t know how it was before but right now it needs an immediate change of budget and strategy, as well as a bit more love from those who are in charge of it.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
Kinda like the name tbh... We've seen some weird names lately, from odd, to stupid, to rubbish... From Hagrids to Sik... I like this, says Batman, without saying Batman.


Mega Poster
Seems like the trains are arriving soon, around next week if the rumours are true... And apparently, they are themed and shaped to the batmobile from what I was told. Will have to wait and see, but I´d love to see some lights to make it beautiful during the night though I doubt this, too much asking lol. Anyway theming is looking pretty good and overall I´m loving the path this park is taking, which I believe is correct. A couple of immersive dark rides and coasters, as well as hotels and it can be among the best theme parks in Europe.