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Parc du Bocasse | Orochi | Vekoma SFC | 2021


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Love the colour scheme. Like the fly-through. Nice little layout. Great for lots of parks, even as infill.
Judging from an off-ride video, I was aspecting a bit more speed. But you can't really say from a video.

What I always found odd, is that when you have the front seat. You are almost half way down before the back seat leaves the chains.
Monster is going to have this as well. Saw a video of Dollywood or Energylandia (I believe) that was over half the drop.
A little straight at the top solves this. Wonder why they don't do this.


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You agree with me then. This layout at model at Paulton's isn't exactly as thrilling
I don't actually, wouldn't really want one at Towers to replace Spinball because I actually really enjoy it. Plus SFCs have a ****e throughput, so if they did get one I'd want a custom layout with at least two trains.


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Theming work continues and I think its going to look pretty good when done, see source below for more pictures.






Source: https://forum.coastersworld.fr/coasters-europeens/parc-du-bocasse-nouveau-coaster-2021/60/


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I love it when a park knows that they are getting a cloned model but decide to embellish it to really make it stand out, especially for a park that small. Well, done Parc du Bocasse!

Is this meant to be open this season or are they just taking their sweet time knowing that this is aimed at opening in 2022?
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