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Parc du Bocasse | Orochi | Vekoma SFC | 2021


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Footers have shown up at Parc du Bocasse in Normandy, France. Not entirely sure what kind of footers these are but I'm thinking Vekoma. A family boomerang/sfc could be a good fit for this park!

It'd be great to see a new gen Vekoma rollercoaster at this park, especially a Suspended Family Coaster. Who knows, it could be Suspended Thrill Coaster and they've added an inversion? But probably not since this is a family theme park. La Récré Des Trois Curés is a family park though and Vertika has inversions so not completely ruling it out ?


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When I visited last month there was a lot of work going on on the site. It's quite a large area all things considered; see picture attached for a rough idea.

I thought I read somewhere they confirmed they were getting a new family thrill flat for next year, but I can't find a source for that anywhere so maybe I imagined it..?

Would be nice to see them get a slightly bigger coaster though - it's a nice park with some solid theming. Could see a Vekoma Junior Boomerang being the perfect fit, but equally not holding my breath.


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Strange, they look fine to me...

I sorta like the track. Minty! :p
I can't see them on either desktop or mobile... Maybe it's my internet provider? Either way, it's quite annoying.

EDIT:- Come to the conclusion it's my wi-fi, as I can see them if I use my mobile data. Looks nice, like mint chocolate aero the ride.


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When I first saw the colour track, it was a no for me.
But after scrolling through all the pictures (thanks for sharing) I was like, yes, the colours look nice. Grew quite quickly on me.