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Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

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(Interesting excerpt starts at 15:15)

During a documentary dedicated to Parc Astérix on TF1 (France's biggest broadcast TV), Frédéric Dubosc, head of new construction at Astérix explicitely says:

"To be honest we are currently working on a magnetic launch coaster"

He also shows to the French reporters footage of Taron on his work computer, citing the Phantasialand coaster as a defining inspiration.


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I'm way more interested in which comic book the ride will be based on haha!
Gives me another excuse to return to the park at some point.


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This news is very exciting. I'd love to know where they're going to put it, same goes for the 4D cinema that also got announced for next year in the documentary.


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I could not find the thread for the 2018 attraction. I have been to the park last Monday and there was not a lot of progress on the sky-bar under construction next to Tonnere de Zeus.


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A Blitz coaster (if it does turn out to be Intamin) would really put Parc Asterix and France on the map. To be totally honest, France really lacks a true top notch coaster, but this could definitely put it on my list. It will also give huge justification for getting out to the smaller parks riding Alpina Blitz and Yukon Quad.


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I haven't been to the park, but between Oz'Iris and Tonnerre dear Zeus, they're already on the map and have a couple of top notch attractions.

An Intamin multi launch would only add to that tbh


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Can you imagine my and all the French enthusiasts' excitement right now?

We didn't get a B&M until 2010
Our most intense coaster is a relocated Raptor clone in a dump
Astérix didn't built a coaster in 11 years of stagnation between 2001 and 2012
All the while Germany, Spain and Italy got iSpeeds, Shambhala and Expedition GeForce..

But this is our time! Fier d'être Français :D :D