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No Limits 2 - Contest #1 - '72 Hours Later'.


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I think you email it to Arly...

I knew I would be pushing my limits too much, and it's biting me in the ass right now. Supporting is a **** nightmare and there are some sections, that frankly, are just awful but I can't fix them. Hopefully they are overlooked based on the scale and overall quality of the rest.


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I want to join this, but other responsibilities keep forcing this to the side. Im still going to try to enter though. If I miss the deadline (which Im 50% sure I will), I will jist finish it and post it in my own construction thread.

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Uncle Arly

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What? You have boundaries to build in.

And you hide scenery in the display button.

Can I also remind people to include your username on here when you send me your entries please. Less than 24 hours to get them in! I won't be accepting any later than 6pm BST tomorrow.
So, my computer died and started BSODing right when I was doing the support work so I wont be able to upload it for the contest. I'll upload it on a construction thread I'll make to post all my coasters when I get a new computer later this month. I've never been so angry in my entire life.


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Is it alright if the station building goes *slightly* into the boundary? It's not visible on the other side of the boundary in top-down view, it just goes a little bit into the un-visible area created by the support boundary.

Edit: also, I keep getting a "Not all trains are assigned to blocks" error, but I think it's because the boundaries are a separate ride, as making a functional rollercoaster in the "Boundaries" coaster makes this issue go away. Anyone else having this problem?


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Nvm, I decided to just solve the issues the best I can and send it in. Enjoy my half-assed first attempt at NL2. :p

GorresCoasters said:
Entry submitted, downloadable on Nolimits Exchange
It looks like you have lots of supports touching the water, which is prohibited in the rules :/

Uncle Arly

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Gorres, you need to email it to me as said in the first post else it won't count as submitted.

VooDoDe: if it's inside the boundaries when they are unfrozen it's fine but if they aren't then no, that counts as going overthem.

And for the third time: please include your CF username when emailing me your entry.

8 and a half hours left!

I will start rating the handful of coasters throughout the day that I have so that I can get a headstart and the results can be posted as soon as possible.

Uncle Arly

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Double post, but it's important.

So far I have received the following tracks:

-Brücke (Nesdude)
-Bear (Jer)
-Kashmir (Akaliwolf)
-Lightning Dust (VooDooDe)
-Predator (6flagsmaniac)
-Mariner (unknown)

The creator of Mariner needs to email me telling me it is their track and include their CF username.

If you aren't on that list and believe you have submitted your track, try emailing it to me again. If you have not emailed it to me and uploaded it to somewhere else, you need to email it to me to be a part of the ratings.

6 hours left!

Uncle Arly

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Half hour warning!

I have 10 entries. Whoever made mariner still needs to make themselves known as you didn't include your username.