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New attractions at Paultons Park


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I was thinking a small flat would replace Temple Heights and with the water dino theme on the add I was thinking something like a twist'n'splash.

However if the Hafema rapids were to come to fruition that would be a great fit, looking at the planning map there is loads of land within their planning area, they will have to remove loads of trees though.

(Temple Heights in red)

No matter what Paultons are getting something so im happy ☺️

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A rapids ride would be a great fit for Paultons, in my view. They're great all-round family attractions, and they're also a key staple of many parks' non-coaster lineups. Therefore, I think a rapids would present a big enhancement to Paultons' non-coaster arsenal, personally!

For those raising the issue of space; if they're only using a small space, what about the Hafema Mini Raft Ride?: http://www.hafema.de/fileadmin/user_upload/_downloads/hafema_Produktblatt_MiniRaftRide_WEB.pdf

It provides the same basic experience as a rapids, but does it in a smaller space with smaller boats. I think Paultons' visitation is low enough to prevent the smaller boats from being an issue, and the Hafema Mini Raft Ride would also solve the issue of space.

If they are using a larger area, however, I certainly wouldn't rule out a full size Hafema Rapids. Particularly seeing as the park appear to be allocating a whole year for construction... I shouldn't think that the Mini Raft Ride would need a whole year, surely?


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The fact they're already advertising something that's coming in 2024 is a good thing and indicates it's a major investment. Even Thorpe Park with Exodus hasn't really spoken much about it (I know very different project/market/planning etc) but still.

They've been missing a stand-out water attraction such as a rapids ride, so it will be a hit for sure. They've not put a foot wrong with their investments over the past 7+ years so I'm sure this will be a winner.


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Since they have just worked with Mack on their spinner, I was hoping they might be hinting at a Twist'n'Splash by Mack. They are great family attractions. However, having seen that the announcement is for a 2024 attraction, it seems more reasonable to think of a rapids ride. If they want to save space, they could for a model with an elevator lift.


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Ok so last year we found out that Paulton's got planning permissions for the area shown below by Edge and the Go-Karts, It looks like this application was actually for the continued use of the area as a storage area for the park.


The park have since submitted and it was recently approved on the 17th April another planning application, this time to make this area now considered part of the "theme park" and therefor they can "provide public entertainment by means of mechanical amusements and side-shows without the need to obtain planning permission" on the land. So hopefully something will pop up here in the future.


Also this is the most recent look at the site for the 2024 new water attraction I could find from a couple of weeks ago, not to much land clearing yet if we are getting a rapids.



And finally here is a look at the 40th celebration Percy owls that have been put round the park ☺️




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Love Percy. A regular fixture growing up visiting the park, seeing him in newspapers, on billboards and elsewhere (before the internet!). You only have to say to somebody from southern Hampshire of a certain age “it’s a hoot” and they’d reply with “at Paultons Park”. I’d love the one with a monocle in my garden 😂


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So with this space and along with the storage area the park are looking to build roughly on this area below.

New land incoming 😍, at least i hope so. Cobra and Edge need some theming, stick in a couple more attractions in and your sorted.

While im not saying no to a water coaster i think thats just something the planners have helped with in the past and put on the document.

The rumoured rapids may be going here, in more videos and pics of the 2024 Lost Kingdom exspanshion i see, the less i feel a rapids is going in. Not much space has been cleared and little construction has taken place, im still thinking a water flat like a Twist'n'Splash will be going there.

Either way thats a lot of land to play with and im very interested to see what they do ☺️

If your interested in the application here is the Source
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I have zero idea of what to expect here... but I'm excited for it. Whatever it is they're planning, I'm confident it will be something good. Not majorly thrilling obviously, but a solid addition to round out the line up, I'm sure.
Let's face it, Paulton's is probably the most well managed park in the UK right now. Compared to some of the disaster zones I've been reading about in trip reports from Blackpool and the Merlin parks lately, Paulton's seems to be the only park doing things more or less right. Good on 'em.


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I'm genuinely excited here, I'm sure whatever it is it will be an appropriate addition to the park.


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I'm confused too. I get the water coaster thing, but why would he slap an RMC logo on the picture? Unless this Mancey fella is just trolling us? 🤔