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Nagashima Spa Land | Hakugei | RMC I-Box Conversion of White Cyclone


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There appears to be more hangtime in some of the turns than at first glance, but this could also be culprit of the video camera perspective. It doesn't seem "unchained" and gobbling up element after element, but rather very metered and paced throughout. Maybe it looks closest to NTG of other RMC's I've ridden?


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Yeah I agree, it reminds me of Wildfire too in that respect. I'm still not sold on this coaster but I'll wait until we see a full POV of a loaded train before I dismiss it completely.


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This looks excellent. Its one major flaw is it came after SteVe which means we will get the usual moans of how it isnt better than a ride it was never meant to be like.

And the catwalks tend to be mandated by Japanese Health And Safety due to being in one of the worlds most active Earthquake zones. Its why many of their older steel coasters have catwalks across the layout and why Pyrenees has more supports than usual.


I'm really not a fan of how those RMC rolls-that-don't-roll-all-the-way-round elements look, the transition out seems weird and uncomfortable. I guess it doesn't ride that way or people wouldn't be raving about them :p


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I guess it doesn't ride that way or people wouldn't be raving about them :p
Yay, I get to vent again. :p

They do ride much better than they look (thankfully), but some of them are down-right strange. And by strange I mean - not good. Thankfully on this one it's a proper zero-g stall so not as bad as, say, the one on SteVe, but still.
If I didn't know this was on RMC, I'd think it was a Golden Horse knock-off. The lift hill, the catwalks, and some of the transitions look very in RMC-like to me. Doesn't look like one of the better ones either.
It all looks very RMC to me. And Japan have always had a weird thing with catwalks, there must be H&S based.
Yes - I'm fairly certain it's part of their H&S laws regarding earthquakes. It's why the structure on the original White Cyclone was so humongous, and you see the catwalks all the way around on Steel Dragon 2000. It may also go some way to explain why this ride looks a little... muted? Maybe they weren't able to be so daring with the structure due to the local regulations (I'm sure this came up during construction).


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Yeah it looks good, but not 'Oh-my-god-I-need-to-book-a-flight-to-Japan-right-NOW' kinda good. More like 'Yeah-I'll-look-forward-to-maybe-riding-that-one-day-if-I-ever-go-to-Japan' kinda good.
Big difference.
Agreed. If I go to Japan I'm going for Eejanaika and Do-dodonpa.


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Let's be real though, it's gonna be great. It'll be really fun. It is interesting to see some of us underwhelmed with what's it's turning out to be. It won't be Steel Vengeance or Lightning Rod level (which we honestly shouldn't expect from any new RMC). It actually reminds me of Wicked Cyclone and Joker. I feel like it'll ride something similar to those guys: nothing too crazy, decent pacing without being too violent, just all round good stuff. The inversions look really good.

That POV was a bit **** though. Still waiting on a better one.


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Stumbled upon this brief review on Twitter from an early rider:

A Google translate throws this up (hopefully there's a Japanese speaker here..):
Firat Impression Hakugei was a feeling close to what I felt at Big Burn. I did not expect much double-up, but it was amazing to float well in the back row. It is a fresh feeling that the reverse cant floats while leaning sideways. In the series of bursts, the zero G stall felt the most mild.
The account also has a few photos / videos of the coaster in action too!


While it may not look as relentless as Wicked Cyclone, Steel Vengeance's second half or Twisted Timbers I think this is going to be a great RMC in its own right. Every RMC nowadays is expected to have insane pacing, and when it doesn't take that overbanked turn at 50mph coasterfans seem to be disappointed. This should be an interesting coaster to hear reviews of!