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Hyper Poster
Hozier - Take Me To Church

Stumbled across this via XFM and its well worth a listen. He's a young Irish fella with a massive voice, very soulful. Tough to categorise really, but its a piano-driven track, and its a bit of an epic really. Proper story-telling voice.



Giga Poster
Pink Floyd - Time

Just listen to it. And the rest of the album. Please.


Jason Voorhees

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Pretty good stuff.


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Giga Poster
A lot different than the deathcore that they started out doing, but this is one of my favourite songs they've done.



CF Legend
Madonna released 5 tracks from her new so called leaked cd on iTunes.

It's not as bad as the last one so far but I just don't think it's anything new and it's along the lines of her last one.


Strata Poster
I really like this song and the singer's voice.



Hyper Poster
So the Swidish final for the Eurovision song contest just went down, and Måns Zelmerlöv is the winner and will go to Vienna.
The song is actually pretty good this year, but the work and precision he does with the 3D figures is just Insane!