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**** .

I was going to try and head to Motiongate just before I leave here. **** , I wasn't planning on coming back for a while...

Oh well, maybe I'll go to Legoland at least. However as much as I love Lego, it's hard to get excited about two kiddie creds. And maybe I'll try to come out again next year with work. Booo....


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The Green Hornet coaster is looking rather bland behind that big wall. Hope they add some theming around it.

Still looks like there's a fair bit of work to be done.


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So much for me saying it's all running on time! :lol:

Even though it's opening later than planned, at least they're prepared to push the opening back to make sure the park is completely ready, as opposed to a Hansa Park style ride opening.


Am I right in thinking that's a suspended Mack powered coaster like Arthur? It'll be interesting to see how they use the technology.


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I'm shocked it's only just started going up. Surely that won't open with the park.

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LOL, I love how like, three rides are open.

It looks alright - nothing spectacular but it'll be 'OK'.


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The Hotel Transylvania ride looks quite fab!

The sets on the Ghostbusters ride look HUGE, too.

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Hotel Transylvania: well that was a mess. The theme was nice but you spend most of the time faffing around in that hallway moving at snails pace and half the ride listening to that announcement saying the ride had broken down. The empty corridors didn't do anything for the ride either.

Ghostbusters: Didn't really need to be trackless.

Green Hornet: Looks utterly useless

Individually they range from average to dire. But if you look at everything (well... whatevers open) as a whole, I'm impressed. It's very difficult to build a full park right from the get-go. From what I've seen, there is something about the park that feels very ...'off'. Can't pinpoint what though.
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Not sure that the slightly crap povs do the rides justice. But I think this is a park that needs to be taken as a whole rather than just by the rides. The overall themeing is just amazing.

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