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Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?


Hyper Poster
Lightning Rod - 29 laps (5 zen)
Taron - 26 (22 during the 1hr hotel ERT in 2018)
Ride to Happiness - probably 15 laps

and the most degenerate entry...
Hurler (KD) - 42 laps.


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Last time I went to Port Aventutra (My home park), I went only for Shambhala rides. Ended the uncrowded day with 21 rides on the B&M hyper. Could have done more but decided to do some other atractions.


Giga Poster
In more recent times i did Taiga 7 times. 1 rope drop plus 6x through the express queue by stacking a ticket book with my wristband.

Rob Coasters

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Funnily I achieved first and fourth place in the same day, September weekdays for the win.

1) Stealth - 13 times
2) Rage - 9 times
3) OzIris - 7 times
4) Colossus - 6 times
Update time... new additions in bold, italics are ones I completely forgot about when I made the original post

1) Stealth - 13 rides
2) Saw - The Ride - 11 rides
3) Dragons Fury - 10 rides
=4) Rage - 9 rides
=4) The Ride to Happiness - 9 rides
=5) OzIris - 7 rides
=5) Apocalypse - 7 rides
=5) Cu Chulainn - 7 rides



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67 goes in a day on BPB's RollerCoaster back in 2009 is my record. I also sat on the thing as Nick Streak during the winter event but didn't get anywhere near as many goes due to the slower loading process.

Have done over 40 on the Wild Mouse in one day and either 26 or 28 on the National.

13 on the Log Flume too, on its final day back in 2006.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
Taron ERT for hotel guests at Phantasialand during the CF Live. I did 15 laps then, and also rode it twice during the day for a grand total of 17. There's not many coasters I can lap over and over again, but Taron is definitely the one.

Also had ERT on Twister at Grona Lund a few years ago and I did 13 laps on that.
How I miss the morning ERT, where nobody else turns up and you end up getting up to an hour and a half :(

The summer evening ERT was good too, as it had 'warmed up.' But you could always guarantee being able to sit on the same train for the entire time with the morning one.


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Nothing exciting - I had 15~ rides on Blue Tornado at Gardaland while my partner at the time sat and read a book

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I rode the Shockwave (SFoT) seven times in a row when it was the biggest coaster that I could ride at the time, had to pick a different seat a few times though.