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Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Often when at a theme park, you'll find an attraction you really like and want to reride it. Sometimes, you might even be inclined to ride it over and over. You might ride it as many times as you can hack, or as many times as you're able to queue for it for. So my question to you today is; what is the highest number of rides you've ever had on one attraction in a single day?

I'll get the ball rolling with my answer.

My current record is 6 rides on Silver Star at Europa Park, and this was set very recently, on 29th April 2022.

For some idea of previous record holders, here's my top 3:
  1. Silver Star at Europa Park - 6 rides - 29th April 2022
  2. The Swarm at Thorpe Park - 5 rides - 7th September 2021
  3. Megafobia at Oakwood Theme Park - 4 rides - 26th May 2019
After that, there are a fair amount of attractions tied at 3 rides in 1 day.

But what is your current record for the most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?


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9 rides on Orion at KI on June 18, 2021.

I was going for an even 10, but a storm was rolling in just before closing. The sky opened up about 30 seconds after I got in my car. I had a fast lane plus, it was a Friday, my total ride count for the day was 32.

On my last lap I had requested the back row, and there was some kind of holdup at the grouper because of a kid who was too short and a frustrated parent. I ended up being the only rider seated behind row 4. Kind of cool to finish the day with a (not technically, but it felt like one) zen ride on a Giga.


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40 rides on the Stinger at Paultons early 2000s Awwww yea 😎

My parents have a video where they are taking little Niles to his fav ride and he says "i gonna ride the stinger alllll day"

They laugh at first and film me on my first go round, after a cut they just say "hummm hes not getting board and its his 7th go, so we are gonna look around and be back in a bit".

After going round the park they pop in every so oftern only getting me off for lunch, they asked how many times i went round i said " the man says im on 32" (thanks ride op) after dropping me back on they came back when i was on 38 and stayed with me till i hit 40 they then said thats enough and i left begrudgingly.

Now we are counting each time it starts and ends, and as its a two lap special, i actually went round 80 times 😅

Less impressively i got 12 on Steel V on an ERT, and 12 on a deserted Skyrush, but they cannot really compete.


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As far as I'm aware my current leader is Kondaa at 22. Was a bit daft given the weather conditions, but it felt like the perfect opportunity to push for a silly record.

Before that, it was a tie between Icon and Ride to Happiness at 16 a piece (hitting that same number on the latter on two separate visits no less).

Never specifically kept track before that, but guess work would say something like Piraten making the low teens. 10 always felt like a tough barrier to break until that point.


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I don't typically re-ride things too many times in a given day as I feel that the experience starts to become normalized. My 6-7 rides on Lech Coaster, Zadra, and Hyperion last fall were at least 10 year PRs.

However, my overall record is about 13 on two different occasions. As a teen, I attended the Greezed Lightnin' Media Day at Kentucky Kingdom in 2003. We were encouraged to stay on the ride in order to provide a full train for the cameras. Then, I visited Busch Gardens Tampa during Sheikra's first year of operation and it was pretty much a walk on. Seeing how the park didn't have nearly as many quality coasters back then and Kumba was closed for maintenance, it was much easier to just marathon the ride.


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Probably the wild mouse, not sure on exact numbers but it must have been 20+ one visit sometime before 2011 (I only know this because I remember Bling, rip, still being there) when the park was pretty dead and we were marathoning it at the end of the day.


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During CoasterCon 2021, I got 21 rides on Phoenix (Knoebels) in one day. 8 or 9 were from the morning ERT, other laps were throughout the day, and then the final 3 or 4 laps were late at night. While I'm proud of that amount, I met someone else at CoasterCon that had over 70 rides on Phoenix by the mid-day photo shoot - now that's dedication.


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The Ride To Happiness - 17 laps (sorry Heartline' 😉)
Steel Vengeance - 11 laps.
Taron - 10 laps.
I think those are the only times I've made it to double figures.


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Using some form of ERT...
Stealth - 20 times
Colossus (TP) - 11 times
Taron - 11 times

Not using ERT, my records are...
Swarm - 10 times
Taiga - 9 times
Colossos (HP) - 8 times
Vuoristorata (Linnanmäki) - 7 times

I've ridden quite a lot of coasters 5 times in a day, but usually I don't visit parks on quiet enough days to get in loads of rides on a day and get all the creds.
In saying that, clearly my Linnanmäki trip was very decent. Actually looking back, that was one of my best - and favourite - park trips going...
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I've never really been on a proper ERT session, but have visited some of the parks on really quiet days;
  • Troy - 15 times (2015)
  • Hyperspace Mountain (Hong Kong) - 12 times (2019)
  • Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars - 11 times (2019)
  • Hals-über-Kopf - 10 times (2022)
  • Katun - 9 times (2009)
  • Insane Speed - 8 times (2019)
  • Hair Raiser - 8 times (2019)
  • Troy - 8 times (2021)
And then there's a higher number of rides that I've done 7 times or less in a single day. All of the above were reached on days when the parks were quiet enough to allow walk-ons (sometimes I could even ride a few times in a row without leaving my seat - but that really depends on if the operators allow you to do that).

Rob Coasters

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Funnily I achieved first and fourth place in the same day, September weekdays for the win.

1) Stealth - 13 times
2) Rage - 9 times
3) OzIris - 7 times
4) Colossus - 6 times


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14 rides on GhostRider 20 September 2019 (quite the difference compared to the 2+ hour waits on my recent visit)
14 rides on Twisted Timbers 5 April 2022
11 rides on Pantheon 7 April 2022
10 rides on DC Rivals and 8 on Superman Escape 10 June 2021

Pretty sure I did close to 15 on Mako in 2018, however I can't find proof of that anymore and which day. I've also marathoned Twisted Colossus, Goliath (RMC) and Raging Bull, however i've added up the numbers over multiple days so can't say the max for one day, but they were over 10 each. I'll aim for the 20 one day. Maybe Aireforce One when that opens. That looks like a 20+ ride coaster, since that's all you'll be doing at that park.


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30 rides in a day on Wildfire at Kolmården sometime in June 2020. My body was aching after that, that ride is pretty intense. Also got 10 rides on Helix yesterday. Had incredible luck with the virtual que constantly giving me consecutive rides.


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15 on Gravity Max and the same (each) for Insane Speed and Diving Machine G5.

These were down to a combination of being stuck at those parks all day because of limited transport options, walk-on rides and a lack of much else to do at those places.

Other than that, I remember doing 10 each on Megafobia and Alton's Corkscrew (pre Nemesis).

I don't think I've done more than that, even on ERT days.

James F

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I think I did 8 rides on Icon during it's opening day. I think I also managed 8 on Karnan as well. Oh and 8 on The Swarm last October. Never made it past 8🤔

Rob Coasters

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Funnily I achieved first and fourth place in the same day, September weekdays for the win.

1) Stealth - 13 times
2) Rage - 9 times
3) OzIris - 7 times
4) Colossus - 6 times
Forgot to mention - Dragons Fury x10, and Rameses Revenge x7 twice. All on separate days of course!


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The most I’ve done is 14 rides on Phoenix on the same day as @Kw6sTheater ’s much more impressive 21. I might have beaten him had I not been dragged onto Flying Turns, which had opened for ERT, by my dad (we had ridden it already the day before). I also have done 12 rides on Skyrush as well, during the same event.

Nothing particularly impressive, but I’m hoping to break my record at HWN in three weeks.