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Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides


Strata Poster
It's SBNO, but Williams Grove Cyclone. I thought the thing might have actually broken something in my back.

Probably the only time a woodie I was at was a walkon, and I didn't ride a second time.

I was in pain for the next 3 or 4 days.


Giga Poster
I've actually never ridden a ride that's so rough I would consider it uncomfortable. The closest thing I've come though is colossus at thorpe which was very shakey in combination with too small restraints, my gf lost her earrings on that ride too...


CF Legend
Since it's fresh in my mind, SFOG's GASM when your not sat in the middle of a car is HORRENDOUS! I thought my back was going to shatter.


Mega Poster
Steel- Invertigo (KI) and Hypersonic XLC
Wood- Mean Streak and Thunderhawk (Dorney)
Flat- Crypt (for obvious reasons, apparently male HUSS employees don't test restraints on themselves or are poorly endowed)


Hyper Poster
The Ultimate is definitely up there, a sis Submission at Alton Towers, but given it's name perhaps its supposed to be?


The Legend
^Great.. now I can't wait to have to sit around 20min's after I get off of it.. :lol:

SoB though.. disgustingly bad.


Mega Poster
Furius Baco. :?


I think this kind of sums it up for me...


Giga Poster
^I wouldn't say Baco is the roughest coaster in the world, but certainly the most shakiest :?

But for me..

Steel: Corkscrew, and many other Vekoma's, absolute hell.
Wood: Stampida (2007+), eughh kumbak trains...
Flat: Probably some spinny fairground style ride, Waltzers normally give me whiplash, but I never really have problems with flats.


Giga Poster
^Well, it's the only rollercoaster I've been on that made me bleed and scar :lol: So to me it's the roughest coaster I've ever been on :)


Wooden: Wildcat (Hershey Park)

Steel: any Vekoma Boomerang

Flat Ride: Mission Space (Disney World