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Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina


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So, this little project has popped up on the interwebs about one month ago. There are plans for building one the largest amusement park in the Balkan region just outside of the town of Lukavac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is not much official info available online apart from the project's Facebook page (and a few articles that mostly cite the said Facebook page as their main source.

With all of this I'd be quick to dismiss the project as something that is very unlikely to happen, if it weren't for this video that they've posted in mid-November

For which I've confirmed (with a little help from @roomraider) is a genuine video from Vekoma that hasn't been posted online before. So that indicates that the park has been in contact with some manufacturers already (though I highly doubt Vekoma gave them a green light for posting the video online). Other rides that they've posted about on the Facebook page are a 123m tall Sky Flyer, a 120m tall Ferris Wheel and a 100m tall drop tower. And there's also a video of Iron Shark (Galvestone), saying that 'this is the coaster that they are getting'.

So yeah, it's all a bit unclear on how 'serious' this project is, but hopefully more details (and some official info) will be known soon.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/magiclandbosnia/


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"One of the largest amusement park in the Balkan region". From what I've heard, it shouldn't take much to achieve that title. There's a single little powered coaster in Albania, an alpine coaster in Bosnia, a park in Bulgaria has a Zamperla powered Dragon and a fifth-hand Pinfari Zyklon, a park in North Macedonia ostensibly has a coaster of some unknown make and model under construction, and Serbia has two ski resorts with Alpine coasters and a funfair with a Wacky Worm. Only this park in Croatia seems to be a full-fledged amusement park, and its star attraction is a Schwarzkopf from the early 1980s with five previous owners.

That being said, from the looks of things on RCDB, the tiny amusement park scene in the Balkans really starts to pick up speed. Most of the permanent coasters were added in the recent few years, and there might be a growing market there that they're trying to capitalize on. Could be interesting to see how this project goes.


The caption suggests that they have changed their minds and are getting the Bermuda Blitz instead:

But given that they only posted the other coaster a few days ago, and they have Cedar Point as their cover photo, it's hard to take this too seriously at this point.