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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster


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Yeah this is surely gonna be one of the best coasters in Europe. Shame that Tulireki isn't being spited as well, but you can't have it all.


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^Well I am being bothered to leave the UK in a fortnight as a matter of fact, where I'll be riding trimmed to death Silver Star.
Enjoy. Wodan is excellent - that entire park is about Arthur tbf.
Damn that looks mighty fine. Junker was easily the best Finnish coaster on my trip last year but this looks like it may just steal that crown - and it won't involve the 4-5 hour drive from the south to PowerPark either!

Can't wait to see progress on this unfold. Was planning to return Suomi-side anyway since Hype and the Volare at Särkänniemi spited me but this just seals the deal. Oh I guess seeing my Finnish friend again is a little important too ;)


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I worked a lot in Helsinki for 4 years and now that contracts ended they build this. Sods law. It does look pretty epic though.
If i was to pick one small bone with it (And its a small one) its the track length after the second launch is quite short. Not as short as Time Traveller's however.
Still going to be the best ride in the country I would imagine.


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I think I'll still prefer Taron because I'm stubborn and like to be wrong about things.

^Well I am being bothered to leave the UK in a fortnight as a matter of fact, where I'll be riding trimmed to death Silver Star.
It's not trimmed at all what are you talking about. There's literal ejector off the MCBR cause they just don't turn on the brakes.


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Looks better than Taron.
It's amazing how from one concept image you can tell that this coaster that hasn't been built yet is better than a coaster that you haven't actually ridden. You are truly gifted.

Another Intamin Multi Launch in Europe, especially with the new Taron lapbars (imagine inversions with those...), is really exciting. Looking forward to it!
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Wow! This looks outstanding! Should really put Linnanmäki on the European map, which will be great! Out of interest, is there anything else decent at Linnanmäki? The only other major coasters (note the word major) I can think of off the top of my head are Kirnu, Ukko, Salama and Tulireki, which are all either family coasters or clones. Now there's nothing wrong with a good clone or a good family coaster, which these all look to be, but they won't really put Linnanmäki on the map. This, however, will. It looks like it could be one of Europe's best coasters, and I'm actually incredibly surprised at how good it looks, as I can't imagine an Intamin coaster of this scale is cheap, and I think Linnanmäki is quite a small park.