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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster


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S&S posted a video on Youtube (which was taken down) of a new launch coaster. Apparently the location matches that for Linnanmaki, so maybe we could be seeing this or something else opening at the park in the next few years? Someone managed to re-post the video...



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At a guess, that looks like the area where their old water coaster type thing is at the moment.
That also looks 'meh' enough to be a perfect fit at Linnanmaki. The video title worried me by making me thing it would be a launched El Loco, which it is fortunately not.


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Looks interesting, a couple of tasty looking airtime moments in that layout, little gimmicky with the vertical drop which could cause downtime, but at least it's not another Vertical Accelerator Coaster sponsored by a well know car manufacturer.


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That looks alright, if a little over complicated with the lift bounce-thingy and the turntable.
Definitely spiting the water-coaster though (and a bit of forwards/backwards launch to copy the new ride at Tampere too).


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I think if there's one thing we've learnt over the years, it's that the more complex a ride's mechanics are the more reliable it will be in the long term. Especially when the prototype has taken two years to build...

I mean, it looks pretty cool and GaleForce looks bonkers, so I'm hopeful it'll be good, but I can't help but think it's going to be unreliable.


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If this happens, I'm gutted they're not spiting the awful Mack E-Motion coaster next door.

Looks pretty fab, but they'll have to get the original working first if this ends up getting built.

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The layout looks cool, just dropping out the station like that!
A bit too much faff though. S&S refuse to make things easy for themselves.


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To my mind, S&S's insistence on putting gimmicky features into their rides has always been their downfall - maybe not so much the coasters, but certainly their flat rides (bar the shot towers) were always notoriously unreliable as well.
If they want to stand up and be noticed rather than people buying from Gerst or Mack, I'm sure there are simpler ways of doing it...


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It's a shame the video was removed, it had a drop track (like Thirteen) and some sort of tilting track if I remember correctly?
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This was a journey. First, I'm expecting an S&S Air Launch and get my hopes up. Then, I find out it's an El Loco, hopes plummet. THEN, I see the layout, and it actually looks amazing. THEN, I find out it has a drop and tilting track?!? I'm actually very excited about this, hope it happens.


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I remember seeing the video earlier this year and it definitely looked interesting, never thought it would be built though. Worth following.


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It's a shame about Vonkaputous, I have happy memories of persuading my reluctant friends to ride it with me (for the cred) and they got soaked when a load of water sort of cascaded over the side of the boat onto their laps, while I stayed dry. In all seriousness it wasn't a great water coaster, the replacement looks like it will be one of the best coasters that S&S has built, and one of the best coasters at Linnanmaki, neither of which is saying very much!