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Minifigure Speedway. Surprisingly good, I expected a lot less from it. It definitely fits the park's target market, it has a little bunnyhop on exiting the station on the forwards part (thank you Zierer!) and looks massive on the hillside, for the kids.


Strata Poster
I rode Voltron a few times today. It was good. It was better in the middle seats (which I got via the full q) rather than the left wing seat (which you will get in the SRQ).

Thought it was a bit Smiler-esque to start with but on later rides (and preparing for the next element better) it was a lot better. Turntable is very odd, but the launch after that is fab so makes up for the odd pause in the middle of the ride.

Very nicely presented too, decent locker system, seemed a good throughput too.

Bit of a winner then! :)


Strata Poster
Iron Menace

When your park doesn't have a new coaster for 16 years (discounting the relocated boomerang), anything substantial is going to be a win for the park. In the context of us goons? Not so much (and it doesn't help that one of the last coasters I rode prior to this trip was Baron).


On paper, this has one of the best layouts on any dive machine. A beyond vertical drop, nice group of inversions, and (most importantly) no midcourse brake run to ruin the flow. The standard drop into the immelmann is always good fun (although the extra five degrees doesn't feel much different... all the drops kinda feel the same to me), and zero-g rolls rarely miss. The inclined loop and corkscrew are a bit forgettable though. They don't provide much intensity.

I got three rides in, could have done more if I wanted to but didn't feel drawn back much. Started off with front middle which ran pretty well! Went back around for back right edge seat... and halfway through the ride I yelled out "Never again!". Yeah, that was bad. One of the worst rides I've had on a B&M. A bit concerning, as I'm hearing similar things on Dr. D.

I'm being a little dramatic, but immediately after the immelmann it gained a really bad shuffle that took away all the fun. I went back again later for a 2nd row ride, not quite the edge seat but not quite the middle either. That was much better. I'd say just stick with the middle seats if you can. The outer seats on these things tend to be fun on this model for some nice lateral forces on the inversions, but it's not worth the rattle.

The best thing about this ride has to be the station building though. I was a little skeptical on how good a rusty warehouse theme would look, but they pull it off very nicely. The queue has some solid theming and the dispatch has a nice SFX sequence as well. I wish they took it a step further and did some better interactions with the drop and adjacent pathways. I was surprised to hear people initially impressed with the surrounding area, but I'm sorry, putting a halfway decent sign in the middle of a big asphalt area doesn't make the area look much better. That said the coaster itself LOOKS great. It's taller than you'd expect and going into the drop immediately after the lift looks much better than the flat turn.

Overall, an okay coaster. Can give a good ride if you know where to sit, but honestly I was having more fun on the Rust Buckets next door.


Couple other quick notes. Steel Force is now the best ride in the park. I already thought it was great before, but some changes on the lift hill speed and limited trims on the MCBR make it faster and more intense. Love the jankiness and the stupid airtime on the return run. My former favorite Talon is still just as great as I remember. Always been a fan of its great inversions and low to ground moments.


Matt SR
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Signed off Cedar Point's opening day earlier this month with Raptor. I haven't a clue how, but this coaster feels like it ripens with age - it never was the biggest, baddest B&M, but definitely harkens to the "simpler" 1990s designs of their inverts.

Flash Shift

Mega Poster
I went to Linnanmaki yesterday while everyone was prepping for Hyperia so I need to review all 8 creds ASAP before I forget half of it!

Obviously this was the main reason for the trip. I've been ill for ages then developed a chest infection which I got antibiotics for literally the day before I flew. I spend the next 2 days fighting it, and come yesterday, it wasn't too bad. I did basically go "I'm committed now, just get one ride on Taiga and see if it's ok". Well that first ride was a front row ride, and I got two more front row rides and two on the back row. Apparently I was just fine for coasters!

Anyway I didn't really know what to think the first time round. It was awesome but there was just a lot of stuff! I thought at first "maybe this isn't as good as Helix", but as I rode it more and more the more I grew to love it and understand its layout. It's probably a tie between this and Helix for the top spot right now. They're similar on paper, but different in their execution and there are some parts I like more from each making it more about how they complement each other. For example, I prefer most of Helix's inversions, use of the terrain, airtime, and inline twist at the end. However, Taiga has better launches and is more whippy, plus the restraints are slightly better. Believe the hype - this is my first Intamin multilaunch but it was great.

For some reason, one of my back row rides was unusually rough, but other than that it's fun as hell. The sequence from second launch into top hat into zero-g stall into tiny speed hill into an actually good immelman is just crazy, and so is the ****ing weird s-bend into a twisting drop manouver.

Can you believe I only have 67 credits and 3 are brakeman operated? Unfortunately this is the weakest (compared to Great Yarmouth and Tivoli's variants) as there's next to no airtime at all, even on the back row. I tried another ride towards the front, and somehow got one airtime moment which was completely unhinged. It's not amazing, but I appreciate it for its history and how the view of Helsinki is awesome.

I expected the worst from this. A skyloop, where there's a harsh brake at the end and restraints that go pretty high up on your body combined with my chest infection. However, I actually enjoyed this quite a lot. The upside down view of Helsinki was RIDICULOUS - not only is it a tall ride, but Linnanmaki is also high off the ground. Even the rolls and backwards section were good fun, and the brake didn't hit too badly. It was a one and done though - I was worried I'd got lucky and didn't want to risk it. If I'd been fine, I'd have given it another go.

Kind of more of a coaster experience on paper than in reality. It's dumb as well because you get like one flip and mostly swinging back and forth. Plus it's really short. Higher off the ground than it looks though! I get why it's at the park though as space is very limited. Funnily enough, this hurt my chest the most - not the ride itself, but the raised seating causing me to have to leap a bit as I'm short.

Linnunrata Xtra
I can't remember the last time I did an indoor coaster - it was pretty cute. Not much else to say.

Nothing to do with Pikachu, instead it's a basic powered two helix family coaster. It's actually pretty good though because it's on a rocky mound on the hill, giving views of the city and some slight interaction with other coasters.

Absolutely garbage lol

Honestly it was really rough and none of it was fun. Especially when the restraint came down further halfway through the ride.

Considering this was the last new credit I have basically nothing to say about it except that it's a very mild spinning coaster.

Overall Taiga carries the lineup at Linnanmaki, but the park is very cute. Also I encountered another enthusiast - an employee no less who asked me what I thought of Drayton's Shockwave train change! He was good to talk to and definitely a real one - I wonder if he's here... also everyone there was really nice overall.
Marche du Mille-Pattes... Not much to say other than I felt like I was getting an exclusive cred because a few enthusiasts came into the line and got rejected for not having a kid. Had they not rushed off, I'd have offered up my child for the good cause because we all know that struggle. :p

Ednor L'attaque was also a cred I've had nearly in my yard for a few years but just never bothered because it's an SLC. Not the best SLC, not the worst.


Strata Poster
Went to Emerald Park for the first time today, have some reviews:

The Quest
Vekoma Junior Boomerang, theming unfinished. One of the more modern, spread out layouts. I originally preferred the more compact layouts, but these more linear ones have grown on me.

Fianna Force
My first Vekoma STC. Good fun. Good length and forces, and the inversions are cool. Nice pops of airtime in the final third as well which is cool. Really good family-thrill coaster.

Cú Chulainn
This is the park's best coaster. Classic woodie feel without feeling rough or rattly. My only complaint would be the weird overbank inversion being uncomfortable and unnecessary. Rest of the layout has nice pops of airtime, it's fast-paced with no dead spots. Great length but doesn't overstay its welcome.

More Emerald thoughts to come later.

Dan Nguyen

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329: Roller Skater at Kentucky Kingdom - I skipped this on my first visit to the park. The crew here isn't very good. The line kept getting backed up. The ride itself is your standard Vekoma jr coaster. I do like the trains a lot though

Dan Nguyen

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335. The Voyage

This one is an interesting one. I've wanted to ride this for a while and I'm glad I finally got the chance. Is it my favorite wooden coaster in the world? No, but I see why people love it. The long and aggressive layout is fun but you've gotta ride this defensively if you don't want bruised hips and a lapbar crushing your stomach.

This ride is exhausting. I ended up riding it 5 times before I had to tap out. Fortunately I learned how to ride it to minimize the pain.

There's a nasty jolt coming into the return run. I slammed my hip into the seat divider. The bottom of some of the hills also shake you really hard. I had to brace for the bottom of the triple down and a few of the rougher turns at the end.

Holiday World is home to a number of great woodies and I'm glad they try to keep their coasters in top shape. Voyage feels like it needs a bit more work before it'll scratch my top 10.


CF Legend
First time back to Disneyland Paris since 2005 so had a couple new creds to collect.

Crush's Coaster
Only got one ride on this as it always has ridiculous queues. Even going an hour early for magic hour the queue was 110 minutes. Saw the queue went to 45 minutes later at one point so jumped in the queue.
Queue line is awful. Dull cattlepen with barely anything to look at besides a couple of signs. Inside section is a lot nicer but as they batch you into the station from outside you don't spend too long in here.
The coaster itself was good fun. Surprisingly glass smooth considering it's ride type. The whole section before the main light hill was also good fun. Would be nice to have a bit more to look at in the main coaster section but understand it's hard to do with a spinning coaster.

RC Racer
ANother ride that has consistant long queues. But not because of popularity. For how god awful the batching is. Took 20 minutes for us to get on the 4th train of the day. Slow loading and off loading then loads of random faffing around getting people to swap seats for who knows what reason. LOVED the first half of the queline design, following the Scalectic track on the floor. Second half was standard cattlepen in a metal shed. The ride itself just felt like a pirate ship with over the shoulder restraints albeit a bit taller and steeper. Ride cycle was really short so not really worth riding apart from getting the +1.


Hyper Poster
Another HoliWood Nights done!

Voyage is still better than perfect. Somehow, this year’s Voyage crushes last year’s and even 2022’s. It’s a good few seconds faster and there’s a new awesome moment of laterals coming into the midcourse. I just don’t see how anything could ever get better than this.

#315 Good Gravy! (exclamation point required) is an excellent addition to the park. The theming is top notch and several steps above anything any other regional park is doing. The ride is smooth as glass and surprisingly dynamic, while finally providing the park with a real “in-betweener” that isn’t a deceptively intense little monster like Raven. Good stuff!


Giga Poster
Mandrill Mayhem

Today was ment to be Hyperia but here we are. Me and Sis went and both of us enjoyed it more than we thought.


We did Dragons Fury first as it gets so busy (today was packed) then headed to Jumanji land, still a bit sparse but plants are growing in. Queue was 50mins and stayed busy for the day but there is a single rider and dam, no wait 😁

Sis got very lucky getting back, front and front on alternating sides and i got front then two middle on the left side only. One of the times i got sat with an angry lady who complained she paid for fasttrack and single riders was unfair to her 😮‍💨 poor ride ops.

Anyway its solid, nice launch through the station and i like the one that launches you back to the station, it gives nice force through the inversion and due to two sides and backwards seats it very re-rideable, little rough but nothing to bad. The twisted spike is megh but i like the supports as they act as head choppers, i never go to high up the smaller one sadly, sis said the back was the best seat however.

Its hard to rank in the park however, Vampire is No1 as its probably the nostalgia but a good seat on MM and a good spin on DF is hard to pick one over the other. Need to go on a quieter day and get more rides on it and try the other side to.

But its a nice addition, all they need now is a water or moto coaster plus a family coaster, re-track Vampire, get Scorpion Express working, not have so many closed rides, have rides not break down so much, improve some animal enclosures, tidy/fix up the majority of the park and i guess build that waterpark 😅 ok maybe thats a lot but yea, gotta start somewhere and tbf vampires station and tomb blaster have had some work and are...better.



Hyper Poster
Got 5 rides on Voltron on Friday.

Needless to say, as a full package it is absolutely world class. Just an incredible experience from the queue entrance to ride exit. Europa Park has always been the best in the world and now there's even more reason to keep going back.

As for the actual coaster, it's almost perfect. It's got the length, airtime, powerful launches and it whips through the inversions with pace. All of the trains have a bit of a rattle on the outside seats but it's tolerable and makes the ride even more bonkers. I do think rides can be *too* smooth sometimes.

Highlights for me are the double up, and the vertical launch. It looks a bit faffy but gives a really unique sensation where you're kind of kicked out of your seat into the hangtime.

Another thing that surprised me is how much the ride varies from front row to back on such a short train.

I had a couple of rides on the violent train though and this inconsistency makes it very tricky to rank, because those rides were awful. But despite ending the day with a headache after a particularly brutal ride, I can't stop thinking about how good the coaster is.

Went in semi-blind and spoiler free...

The bouncing track is really fun and caught me by surprise. The turntable doesn't look great though, hopefully they can add some more themeing or enclose it a bit more because the lighting is wasted when the sun is shining. Would have liked a bit more height on the spike too



Matt N

CF Legend
I visited LEGOLAND Windsor today, and I got the chance to ride two new credits and a previously ridden credit.
New credits
Minifigure Speedway (Allstars/Legends, #112 and #113)
These are good, fun family coasters! They pack moments of decent speed and good punch for family coasters, they’re very smooth rides, and the backwards sections are also good fun without being too intense! However, if we’re comparing like-for-like with the Vekoma Family Boomerangs, I would say that the two sides of Minifigure Speedway are fractionally weaker than those, with a marginally less flowing layout, a little less punch and a generally slightly lower feeling of refinement. In terms of which of the two coasters I preferred; I marginally preferred Legends to Allstars, personally. Overall, though, these two coasters are really good fun, and they’re an excellent addition to LEGOLAND!
Both 6/10, Legends #53/113, Allstars #54/113

Existing credits
The Dragon
On row 12, this was marginally better than I’d remembered, with some better moments of speed. It’s also a smooth ride, and overall, The Dragon is fun enough for what it is. However, I do think it’s showing its age a little with the rather basic and tame profiling, and it also feels like it hardly gets going in any of its sections. You only seem to have a few seconds of speed at a time before you’re hitting a lift hill or brake run. Nonetheless, it’s a perfectly fine coaster for the young children’s demographic. The dark ride section is also very nicely themed!
4/10, #83/113