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Llama Drama

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We can pretty much confirm Orion though. Its been mentioned several times by Don Helbig, Chad Showalter etc. (KI PR), and in the virus updates.

I believe the the First Rider Event and Media Day are set for July 1st, with July 2nd-11th the passholder only days of course.
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Oh that 3D animation of the logo is so SLICK! Really enjoy that, I imagine the IMAScore soundtrack will have a similar feel to Galactica (I think as their music has become a bit more saturated across the parks, you can kinda of group their similar style tracks together). Which isn't a bad thing! Galactica has one of the best ride soundtracks out there.

Really excited for this. I feel I've been in a bit of a minority but I think it all look's great, wish I could get to ride it but hey.

Matt N

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I think it’s supposed to have some scenery to do with a meteor or some sort of space mission? I’m not really 100% sure, but Cedar Fair has begun doing stronger themes lately, so it should be good!

I think the ride itself looks phenomenal! I can’t wait to hear some opinions from the start of July!


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I mean, Copperhead Strike has a pretty nice looking queue, and Cedar Fair has apparently said in one of its recent investor presentations that it wants to transform its parks into “full experiences”.
Let's not get carried away here. Yes, it looks "nice" and they happened to put a few static props next to the cattlepens, but it is by no means Disney or Universal levels of immersion. It's still very much a roller coaster queue line. Orion is supposed to be "themed" to a military spaceplane based out of "Area 72" - there's going to be a lot of concrete, metal, and gray...the exact opposite of immersive.