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Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster


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I’m honestly loving the Steel Vengeance-ness of their campaign (or lack of) up until now. This is easily the most anticipated coaster for 2020 for miles, all the false info spread by cancerous KI fanboys for years is now actually true, they know all eyes are on them, and that’s exactly why they’re staying quiet about it.

If Kaylee isn’t working those dates we will certainly be there!


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Really? I'll discount RMC Gwazi because I'm 15 mins away and biased, but rides like Zadra, FLY and BGW 2020 are all more anticipated for me at least.
I said for miles. Two of those are in other countries and the nearest you mentioned is 8 hours away.

It’s much like Steel Vengeance. While there was other important stuff for 2018, the Ohio market was all about Steel Vengeance and Cedar Point, there was no teasing really needed because the hype surrounding it was more than enough, by staying silent it only kicked the hornets’ nest.


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I love (LOVE) Fury, but a Vekoma Giga might actually be a better ride than the B&M. If they had some of that crazy concept art coupled with their newer offerings, I bet it would be something pretty special.

Now, that won't happen, of course. Vekoma haven't even done a new Hyper yet, let alone a Giga, but if they could the ride could actually be better.


Wait, are we just gonna accept that Kings Island may have played us with the B&M leak and they're giving us Vekoma instead?


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