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Like, if there isn't even a single coaster or ride on the docket for this project, does anyone even care anymore? 🤪


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Yay so more years to come of people saying to me "ah you like theme parks, did you see they're building a Disneyland in England?" - "no it's not Disneyland, and they're not building it and probably never will".
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The clue is there in that letter of intention on the previous page:
"Circa £70 million has already been spent on the project".
There's always gonna be someone who doesn't want that gravy train to stop.

Nicky Borrill

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What does that mean exactly?

Is there any rare possibility it could actually come through at some point in some major form of itself or is this a still a complete farse?
Very little chance of us getting what we'd like.

But I would say that there is more chance of 'something' happening, due to the investors having more control... Very slim still, but more of a chance... Cinema De Lux and a Hollywood Bowl at least... 🙈😂

Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if the focus switches to retail and hospitality to be honest, with just a small amount of leisure thrown in for good measure. I know people have been saying that for years, tongue in cheek, but it seems like it may actually be the only way something is going to happen here.


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70 million.

On track to be the worlds most expensive roller coaster. Screw you Rewind, Hagrids and Everest - we might get another wacky worm.


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Maybe that's it. This whole park is a conceptual art project to provide the feeling of a roller coaster without ever building one.