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Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper


IMO the tests with weighed trains show how the ride, in the end, will run with the perfect speed; it'll allow the ride to be intense and have some great hangtime, too!

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Honestly those test runs with the hang time were run with empty trains, it was going really fast in that other video with weighted trains. I don't think there will be nearly as much hangtime as those empty unweighted runs was showing.

I like the speed of the weighted train though, makes the ride look way more intense!
I'm not denying that, just the fact that he wouldn't like that much hangtime on a ride.


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Got some flexibility in our trip plans that mean we could squeeze a day in here instead of more time at Canada's Wonderland, but it would be the day after opening so not sure whether to risk it. I feel like this cred, being a new kind of thing for S&S has a high probability of breaking down. Hmm.


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Off topic, but does anyone know when Sky Rocket is expected to re-open, if at all? I'm sure I've seen this mentioned somewhere...
Just remove the thing and put an RMC there for all I care. Can't believe I'll have visited this park twice (a full year in between visits) and this thing is still down.