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Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper

Edward M

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I'm starting to get more excited about this. This happens a lot with me, but seeing it actually there reminds me of the scope of this project. It could go great or not so great, but I'm interested to see how it ends up cause I haven't seen anything like this before. Always felt a bit K'NEXish to me, but a 220 foot K'NEX, I'm down with that. Plus, the color scheme looks better than I thought it would, although that train is one of the worst I've ever seen.


I am pretty excited about this ride, (so much so its dragging me back to KW even though I didnt really enjoy my time there overall and found park a let down) but I wont lie, kinda nervous too. I mean it looks amazing, but it is S&S...is this thing gunna possibly suck? They haven't really attempted anything this big right? Im hoping for a fast ride with some sweet airtime and lots of cool elements but kinda fearing it'll be a rough slow ride thats kinda weird but with no air.
Guess we'll see. It certainly looks cool and is gunna be a crazy site in that park.

The whole Steelers thing does nothing for me, but I get it. Any park that did a similar thing for their local team would be beloved by fans so I do get it.
I am not a fan of a rival team and sure as hell aint wearing my NY Giants stuff lol so nothing to troll with sadly


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Well, a lot of the Chinese compressed air launch coasters are around the 200ft range with drops of 220ft or so - so it's not THAT different in the grand scheme of things, only 20ft or so.