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IOA | Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Intamin LSM Launch (Dragon Challenge replacement)


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^^ Don't see why they wouldn't want to sell them (I wouldn't see that as being more expensive than just cutting them up and selling them for scrap) but I suppose they could also go to another park in the chain. They would be great with a Jurassic Park theme in USH.

^I was not aware it was cloned, actually! That's good to know, probably because those aren't nearly as brash as this thing is.
You know how space restricted USH is? HP world there has the tightest walkways I've seen in a park, and they have to worry about the studios. Nothing substantial can ever go there.

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Yeah, worth looking at USH on Google earth. There is barely any flat land that isnt taken up by buildings. Its a very hilly park, with little room for expansion.
That's why they demolished the Gibson Amphitheatre for Potter.


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All I got to say is that I'm glad I got the creds 10 years ago. Well rid of them tbh. Not that good.


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Sad I never got to ride 2 very iconic roller coasters i'd see all over growing up and getting into the hobby. that said i can't really pass judgement on just how sad I am to see them go until i see what replaces it.


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I've never appreciated how much space DC takes up but looking at satellite images it looks to be nearly the size of the rest of the Potter area including Forbidden Journey. They should easily be able to fit 2 large attractions, maybe three into that space. They should all be full on attractions too as they've done the two main locations from the films already and won't need another row of wizard shops.


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In reality, these coasters were mediocre at best, so it's good to see them making way for something that really will be a better ride experience.


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In reality, these coasters were mediocre at best, so it's good to see them making way for something that really will be a better ride experience.
Agreed, they are near the bottom of my invert and B&M lists in general, but they were more fun to ride than your average Zierer or Gerst to be fair.

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I have ridden both coasters many times over the years. After they stopped dueling, as many have said, the coasters are just okay. Fun but no real desire to ride over and over again, even with no wait time. I was at USF in April and walked onto each coaster both times. Absolutely no wait time each of the three days I was there.


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Well I just looked at USH through 3D Apple maps and I can safely say that this certainly isn't going there so I definitely take back that comment. Looks cute though, like a little mini Universal.

Sadly never got to ride them but it wasn't that high on the bucket list, especially with other inverts being reportedly better.


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Dollywood or Silver Dollar City getting them, ahahahahaha. No.

They're not going anywhere. Rides are sold for cash, and Universal don't need that.

Bye Felicias, good riddance, can't wait to see the amazing replacement with Universal at the top of their game.


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Well, Dragons closes forever on Monday. I walked over and visited the park today. My annual pass had expired back in May and I wasn't planning on renewing (yet) but I decided last night I wanted to go on Dragons one last time... so I dropped $400 to get the three park pass today, guess I should go try Volcano Bay....

Operations today seemed rather sloppy. And much like the rides history in the past few years, it was a walk-on... with more time spent getting a locker, getting through security, and walking the castle then actual queue wait. All rows on both sides were a walk-on unless you wanted the front seats. Ice/Blue seemed to rattle more than I remembered and Fire/Red was having have terrible dispatch times. Most people in the immediate area seemed to be locals also out and about to get their last ride. You heard a lot of people talking about how they were going to miss it or how it was closing in three days.... Lots of reminiscing to the days where it actually dueled too.


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Bye Dragon Challenge. We'll try to miss you.


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Yeah I'm with everyone excited to see what they'll put there. I liked Dragon Challenge, and I am happy I rode them, but I shan't cry myself to sleep tonight. At the time of Potter World, they were incorporated into that re-theme and that's fine, but I am so ready to see what immersive wonders Universal do with that space, I love Harry Potter and argh it's so exciting!