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Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

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UC said:
Don't they usually let you wait for the front anyway...?

On almost every coaster I've ridden with assigned seating, you can wait for the front, but the other rows are assigned...

That's usually the case...but from what I've heard, not for this, so far. It's really just luck if you get the front seat.

I think assigned seating, but allowing you to pick the front/back if you ask, is a really good idea for parks. It keeps the station from turning into a mess...but I don't understand KD's reasoning for not allowing you to pick the front, unless they didn't make an extended line for the front or something.

Martyn B

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The pov's make it look crap, however the off-ride stuff looks awsome.

I'm not an airtime junkie, but I love the sensation of speed, and them sharp transactions will definitely give that!

All looks mega, apart from that stupid left turn-hill-left turn. It still looks wrong to me.


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^ I used to think it looked odd, but I've learnt to love it and now I think it's the most interesting part of the ride!

Anyway, since the ride opened like.. a week ago. Shouldn't this topic be destickied [/mod request]


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As ECG mentioned in the GeForce topic, Intimidator 305 trains have been having some problems. The red train's anti rollbacks were acting up before Intimidation ERT, and I believe it's the second to last car has been having some wheel troubles (if it's the wrong please correct me). Hopefully it's nothing big that can cause another GeForce type incident.


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It's fine. I went Saturday. They were running both trains all day. Only had one spot of downtime from what I noticed. Dominator goes down more than I305...and that's real. Go figure.
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