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Interesting New S&S Concept At Factory.


Slut for Spinners
So @tomahawk, @Snoo, @LooperOne, and I were able to tour S&S Worldwide's facility earlier today. I plan on posting a more in depth trip report once I get home, but I at least wanted to share some content and briefly talk about the ride.

Axis was phenomenal, even though it's a tiny prototype. The ride is easily one of the smoothest rides we've ridden. As expected, the launch is quite intense, but the rest of the ride is totally unexpected. The first roll really sets the tone for the rest of the layout since it's quick and intense, but also pretty forceful and graceful. The track is deceptive because the seats roll independently from the track, and when the track rolls, the seats don't necessarily follow suit.

Unfortunately, this isn't the easiest time for S&S to sell the ride to customers. Many want to visit the facility and ride but that's easier said than done with coronavirus and the fact that they got the ride set up just before IAAPA and couldn't get many customers out before winter hit. Hopefully that can change soon and they can start selling these soon.


Matt N

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It looks very much like a hybrid of S&S’ Free Fly and Free Spin models, while perhaps righting the flaws of both ride types! Looks like a very interesting concept; let’s hope some parks buy Axis coasters over the next few years!

The stock layout on S&S’ website looks like something Six Flags might potentially like as their next “bulk buy”, especially given their great relationship with S&S, but could we see any parks go for a custom model; maybe a launched one like the prototype that the CF team rode?

Out of interest, is it an air launch that the prototype uses?


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Yes, it is an air launch. However they stated it is capable of magnetic, air, or chain lift. That air launch is ****ing intense too. It's only 0-40 in about 2 seconds, but man it hits hard.

I literally haven't stopped thinking about this since getting off. They NEED to sell these everywhere. Disney, Universal, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Fun Spot. All of them would look completely different, and they would all be fantastic.

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Slut for Spinners
As mentioned earlier, here's the full write-up from the ride and the tour in case anybody missed it:

I didn't dive too deeply into this but it appears that an Axis model may have found its first customer since we visited (holy****nearlyamonthagoalready).

The only 2022 coaster projects already announced that could be an Axis Coaster, is Djurs Sommerland or Fuji Q-Highland (depending on the size of the coaster), but other than that, 2022/2023 could be for anywhere and if it is a new park that announces a big project, I'd expect probably to hear the first from it around end of 2020/2021