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If you found £100...

If I found a ton in cash, I'd

  • hand it in

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  • keep it

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Hyper Poster
I'd keep it, and use it on a night out - if it was in a wallet with ID/Credit Cards, that would get binned.


Mega Poster
I was in my bank, and I was paying some money in. Through the cashier, getting card in about 8-9 months. And this lady had left about a tenner or £20 in the transaction where you can give the money to the bank, that thing. I was about to take it, there was a huge queue behind me, the lady had left when...Clank! The transaction thing shot back and they saw the tenner or whatever, could've got easy money! :fatalfridge:



I am supriced to see that most people would keep it. The main reason i would hand it in is because the police station's policy is that aslong as nobody comes in to the station and asks for it spesificaly (so you keep your mouth shut about it), they give it to you to keep in 2 weeks.


Mega Poster
^If your so certain know one would come and pick it up.... why not just keep it and save the hassle :)

I'd keep it... most i found was some spanish money years ago, changed it up and was around £40... happy