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IAAPA 2018

Matt N

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My personal favourite part of the event was seeing stuff like the new GCI train design and model! GCI's announcements were definitely the most surprising of IAAPA for me, if not the best.

And who can forget the utter insanity of Intamin's two European announcements!


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I mean.. it was a good time. I was live for every big reveal and the best was by far Intamin as NO ONE saw it coming. Every other announcement most either knew about or had a strong inkling but Intamin stole the show. The audible gasps and just awe from not only myself but those around me just left everyone giddy with excitement.

Also, as it was my first IAAPA, I was just glad to meet so many faces from the industry as well as understand more of how the industry runs. My entire perspective changed after some conversations with people I've talked about or heard about over the years.


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I read nothing news or saw any pictures of the Mack and/or Vekoma booth, really strange and quite. Also not on any other forums like TPR, Themepark.nl or coasterfriends.
Did Mack and Vekoma had a booth?


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Mack definitely had a booth but I don't think they announced anything which would be why they didn't get much attention, same as Vekoma.
This. Visited both booths and I believe ECG has interviews with folks with both however they didn't announce anything so they were quiet this year. Same goes for B&M as well as a few other manufacturers. In fact, its safe to say every major ride manufacturer had a booth there.


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I think Zamperla managed to have someone thrown out a few years ago on grounds of copyright infringement. As in, having their stand closed off and pulled down after the expo started. I believe it was Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment or somebody from that corner of the world. Were they there this year?


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Interesting GCI interview.

Random highlights:
-New trains confirmed as now able to invert (obviously given the model, but suggested the old one physically couldn't)
-Apparently they are now launch capable ooooo
-Capable of doing up to -1G (airtime)
-Will be offered as a an upgrade for coasters with Millennium flyers (able to integrate, same gauge etc)
-less welds = less maintenance faff supposedly
-model dueling track design has been around for a while but this time they decided to make a model and showcase it, inversions possibly added for this year though now that they have the class 5 trains that are capable of doing them
-hoping to see it in a park "very shortly" obviously could mean nothing but it's there as a quote anyway
-in regards to inversions "we are going to start venturing into the more extreme", "we're going to start out with a few inversions and we'll see where that takes us"
-this kind of layout "we'll probably see it in another country first" (not the US)
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