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IAAPA 2018


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Yeah that was incredible to watch. You may hear the audible wows from me while I recorded.


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Here is the layout of the Zamperla Thunderbolt going to Mundo Petapa:-

Photo by Coaster Nation.

It reminds me greatly of a Eurofighter 320. But I hate how these Thunderbolts have 3-across seated cars.

kenny cook

I wonder if these Infinity Flyer trains will also replace Millennium Flyers in general, and if so to what extent. Are the Infinity trains only for inversion coasters, or will they also be used for non-inverting, but thrill to extreme rides?
Full disclaimer, I have absolutely no clue, however, I would suspect they're going to be used on other rides as the new Millennium Flyers, and here's why. If a company is going to spend a lot of money on creating a new set of trains for a brand new model, they're putting all their eggs into the "someone's going to buy this model" basket. That means if for whatever reason they're not popular and no parks buy them, they just dropped all that money for absolutely no reason, so because of that I suspect that we'll see this be pushed out onto all new GCIs within a year or two


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I think Intamin are going to win IAAPA this year. RMC are going to have to come out with something pretty intense to top those two rides!

I want to be wrong, of course. :p