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Hyper Hybrid Hangover: US Live | June 11th, 2018 | Cedar Point

Would you be interested in a 2018 US Live?

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We are currently at Kings Island banging out creds like it's going out of fashion.
Planning to clear up the last 4 tomorrow morning and get to CP early afternoon now :)


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I'm so bummed I won't be there.

**** all of you in the most pleasurable of ways <3

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Thanks Tay, hopefully it disappears but the outlook looks bleak for the rest of the day :(

It looks bleak today and tomorrow! Are you guys checking in first? We went to the hotel for food and a drink for like an hour or whatever so if you guys wanna come say hi our room number is 3008. If you're heading straight to the park that's cool too!


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tomorrow morning i have to get my season pass processed so i'll probably be a little late
btw i'll wear a dark blue shirt with a orange film crew on the back
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