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Hyper Hybrid Hangover: US Live | June 11th, 2018 | Cedar Point

Would you be interested in a 2018 US Live?

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I'm inside the park
I come in from the front entrance
I'll meet you in front of SV
Ps now i'm in line
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I hope everyone enjoyed the live today! I’m a ride op on Millennium at CP and saw most of you and gave a shoutout when you all were on platform but I don’t think anyone heard me. Next time anyone is at CP come find me at Millennium/Dragster, I’m the blonde kid named Nick. Safe travels home and have fun the rest of the live!
Hey I didn't get to say bye to the fabulous Brits yesterday but it was lovely seeing you all even though I had to leave the group at points because I was practically babysitting a child. Next time I will be there alone haha. Hope everyone got home safely and safe travels to the Brits!


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What a wonderful time. So glad to meet so many of you. One of the best Lives I've ever had.

@NAPayne31 .. now that we know, we will for sure be telling you when we come back! The day was full of running around for the Brits and iac for creds so it became hectic. :( Glad to know another CFer we can visit at CP tho!


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So, it turns out that US goons are just as awesome as UK goons!
Was fab meeting you all, and to be able to put faces to some of the regular names I've seen on these pages over the last few years.
Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your amazing country.

I'll post a few pictures and some more thoughts on the trip when I've got my head together but at the moment I'm still giddy with the buzz, and somehow I have to get myself back into work mode.
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