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How successful has your 2017 been?


Very unsuccessful with only 12 new credits. 2018 is looking very bright though as I will likely be getting 35+ credits including some really amazing ones (Helix, Wildfire, Lightning Rod, Iron Rattler, Balder, etc).


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I've had a really good year credwise. I've had a few years where I've not done much but this year I did a whole bunch of great trips. :)
New Creds: 100 (final one on NYE ;))
New Parks: 17 + Oktoberfest and Bremen Fair.
Total Different Parks: 20 + Winter Wonderland and the above two fairs.
Number of fresh top tens: 7, pretty much redid my top 10 completely. Just a couple of B&Ms and Olympia that remained.
Favourite New Cred: Taron, new number 1! :D
Least Favorite New Cred: Bandit, so rough.
Favourite Moment: Taron ERT night rides with CF people on the pre-ghosterforce visit. Everyone was loving it!
Worst Spite: Colossos on the live! Boo. A predicted spite but still spiteful.
Favorite New Flat: Talocan!
Least Favorite new flat: The huss frisbee at movie park.
Surprise new cred: Black Mamba. Had heard people say it was one of the worst B&M inverts so had low expectations and it turned out great, especially in the front!
Favourite park of the season: Phantasialand. Was skeptical about the hype before I went but it lived up to and exceeded it.
Best trip of the season: So hard to choose but maybe Ghosterforce?
Best people you met: Lots of new cf people. :D
Worst travel moment: The hotel on the plopsterix live that we dodged.
Favourite memory: Collective fear before Karnan then everyone coming off it (mostly) amazed! Like a collective emotional experience haha. Also being so relieved when I heard that everyone else was bricking it too!

Funny live moments: Sue displacing children on the kiddie cred at asterix, Chris' lap of shame on the washing machine cred, go-bros, Rachel and Serena getting wet foot spite at Hansa, Shell-fish on the rapids at Heide, "No-photo" at Flug at Heide, tall people at Parc Saint Paul, barbie girl at Hansa and the dolphin and many more!
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Matt N

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New Creds: 1
New Parks: 0
Total Different Parks: 2 (Alton Towers, Legoland Windsor)
Favourite New Cred: Dragon (Legoland Windsor)
Least Favourite New Cred: Dragon (Legoland Windsor)
Favourite Moment: Waking up in the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers on my 14th birthday!
Worst Spite: This isn't a spite, but I'm gutted I never got to ride Ninjago at Legoland Windsor because the queue was too long and my parents said that it was mostly a Lego-viewing visit, if dark rides count.
Favourite New Flat: None
Least Favourite New Flat: None
Surprise New Cred: Dragon at Legoland Windsor, by default.
Favourite Park: Alton Towers. Just as great as always!

So, yeah. My 2017 was pretty uneventful compared to all of yours. I'm thinking 2018 will be better, with my parents' current plans. But I can't convince my Mum on a first time visit to Blackpool before our MAPs run out in June, unfortunately. I'd also like to ask; is Shawn Sanbrooke's lifestyle the lifestyle of an average enthusiast? Does the average enthusiast go on exotic foreign holidays that often? Because as much as I love TPW, watching his channel sort of makes me a bit jealous, because he seems to visit theme parks a lot more often than I do. I suppose my location and my age probably don't help.


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You can tell it's been a slow year when you only have 1 new creds (2 if you count a Mountain Slide listed on Coast2Coaster)
- RedForce at FerrariLand
- Calafell Slide (Weigand Alpine Slide that happens to be on Coast2Coaster)

So looking forward to 2018 for a Europe trip plus Japan!


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I'll have to add my recent Winter Phantasialand visit as one of my highlights of the year. Absolutely perfect visit. The best I've ever had in Phantasia.

We were there for two days, staying at hotel Matamba. It was very quiet and all the coasters were in top form. We got 13 rides on Taron (half of them at night), 9 on Black Mamba (including night rides) and plenty of (night) rides on all the other rides in the park. Chiapas isn't just my fave water ride but one of my fave rides period. And so many night hours <3 The Berlin square and China are stunning during winter nights. Just a perfect visit. I recommend Winter Phantasialand to anyone. Normal days just don't compare. I could do without all the Christmas hits playing in the park though. Wish they'd have just stuck to instrumental music in all areas.

I'll have to say one more thing though. The fact that you can't pay with your card at most of the food places is just absolutely ridiculous. Wtf Phantasialand?! I've never ever seen another park with a similar issue. It's absurd.


A great year for me, which finally came to an end last week with a ride on a spinning mouse at our local Winter Wonderland during my lunch break :D That brought my final tally to 90 different creds ridden this year, with a total of exactly 150 rides. I worked out I've covered over 66 miles of coaster track this year and been inverted 236 times!

New Creds: 82
New Parks: 17
Total Different Parks: 18 (plus an Alpine coaster and the aforementioned Winter Wonderland)
Number of fresh top tens: 5, from 4 different parks
Favourite New Cred: Wicked Cyclone (my first RMC!)
Least Favorite New Cred: Goliath (Six Flags New England) - just horrible :(
Favourite Moment: Tough call, but riding Wild Eagle at Dollywood for the first time with my wife, who was terrified but ended up loving it, was pretty awesome.
Worst Spite: Lightning Rod :(
Surprise new cred: Blue Hawk (SFOG) - who knew you could give an old Vekoma looper a new lease of life with a paint job and new train?
Favourite park of the season: Dollywood, though I liked the ride lineup at SFOG more.
Worst Park: Brean
Best trip of the season: Waliplopsterix, just for spending so much time with fellow enthusiasts.
Best people you met: Everyone I met on the above-mentioned Live, who made me feel so welcome, but especially my travelling buddies @NeoXIII, @Sandman and @Howie (despite the snoring! ;))
Worst travel moment: Either the 'hotel' near Dunkirk on the Waliplopsterix Live, or a similarly bad Motel near SFNE.
Favourite memory: Impossible to choose from so many great ones :)


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New Creds: 24
New Parks: 4
New Countries: 1
Favourite Park: Phantasialand
Least Favourite Park: Chessington
Favourite New Cred: Helix
Least Favourite New Cred: MP-Xpress
Surprise New Cred: Van Helsing's Factorys
Favourite Moment: Riding Helix at night
Least Favourite Moment: Being so bitterly disappointed by The Walking Dead maze at Movie Park Germany
Milestones: Hit 100 creds

Not a bad year for me; feels more substantial than what it was in some ways, and next year is looking even better!


Creds: 71 new creds this season.
Parks: 11 new parks.
Milestones: 300 on Taron.
Best new cred: Taron obviously. Worth the hype and new number 1 after 5 years.
Worst new cred: Stunt Fall at Parque Warner. Just gross and it broke down on my first attempt to ride it, leaving me dangling there face down.
Surprise new cred: Superman at PWM and Zeus at Parc Asterix -both excellent coasters. Also I need to mention how ****ing good the VR was on the kiddie cred at Tibidado because it was incredible and no one seems to have ridden it so i'm gonna talk about it here. The VR was synced up perfectly to the ride and I couldn't believe I was getting such a sensation of speed on a powered Zamperla. If you want to see how good VR can be, then go ride it.
Worst Letdown: Shambhala embarrassing me in front of people who hadn't ridden it yet. So disappointing :(
Biggest spite: Colossos
Favourite New Park / Favourite Day at a Park: Hansa Park. From being greeted at the entrance with goody bags, to Karnan, Fluch von Novrogod at night and the lights and evening shows - such a beautiful park with so much to do!
Least Favourite Park: Parque de attraciones was a bit bland.
Best Trip of the Season: Ghosterforce was fabbb!
Favourite Memory: The evening ERT on Taron is number 1. Other favourite moments from the year include taking one of my best friends on a park trip, "accidentally" coming across the cred in Tenerife with Frank, the fab afternoon at the beer place in Belgium, my first ever media event at Fright Nights, Jordan and Conor's wedding, Movie Park's Halloween event, Maycock rolling down a hill and all the amazing sunsets from the weekend in Spain.
Worst Memory: Conor's arse.
Other: It's been a bit of a weird year for me in my non-coaster life, but CF trips are something that always take me away from reality and give me something to look forward to. So thanks everyone who's been part of another great season for me, see you all next year xxxxxxx


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Creds: 56 new creds
Parks: 7 new parks.
Best new cred: Lightning Rod baby!!!!
Worst new cred: Nighthawk - Carowinds
Surprise new cred: Renegade. I'd heard a couple of good reviews but nothing prepared me for how epic the night rides are on this bad boy, absolutely incredible and deserves a spot in my top 10.
Worst Letdown: Shambhala. Very bad after everything I heard about it. Obviously runs a lot better in warmer weather but it was very bad.
Biggest spite: Mount Olympus totally spited me, so Hades 360.
Favourite New Park / Favourite Day at a Park: Dollywood was incredible, some amazing coasters, incredible food, good supporting rides, well themed and a gorgeously maintained park.
Least Favourite Park: Nick Universe probably, fab Log Flume and Sky Fly, but that's it. Ferrari Land is pretty poo too, but it does have the tyre change experience.
Best Trip of the Season: Carowinds/Dollywood Trip in April.
Favourite Memory: The PA live that wasn't a live was great fun, met some new friends and just had a great weekend mincing around and drinking gin. Also had one of the worst rides of my life with @Hixee. Also enjoyed seeing everyone at the Xmas meet. And of course my first ride on Lightning Rod :D
Worst Memory: Nighthawk - Very nearly made me give up the creds.


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Creds: 42 new creds
Parks: 5 new parks.
Best new cred: Karnan
Worst new cred: MP-Express - Moviepark Germany
Surprise new cred: Karnan for just being really fab
Worst Letdown: Schloss Beck not being open! Not much to chose from on this one
Biggest spite: Schloss Beck's Tivoli
Favourite New Park / Favourite Day at a Park: Hansa Park for their awesome welcome, ERT and for being a really fab park.
Least Favourite Park: Bakken, cred got and straight out!
Best Trip of the Season: Ghosterforce!
Favourite Memory: All of Ghosterforce! Especially Hansa Park, Movie Park scare mazes and a special thanks to @Rachel and @Coaster Hipster for being excellent car guests and singers!
Worst Memory: German roadworks at night.


Credit Whore 2016
Creds: 154
Parks: Errrm, a fair few? 30 ish I think
Milestones: 600th on Storm Chaser...annoyed I was only 9 short of 700th too
Best new cred: The aforementioned Storm Chaser...just so ****ing goooooood <3
Worst new cred: One of the awful old Arrows in the States...actually no, the SLC at Darien Lake. Eugh.
Surprise new cred: Probably Valravn? Like I knew it'd be good because **** off huge B&M Dive Coaster...I just didn't know it'd be that good. Also really liked Gemini, just really fun and enjoyable, rode about 5 times in the evening! Actually, I've made an error, fabulous Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood was THE cred of 2017...also THE Arrow (Dragon Mountain) at Marineland.
Worst Letdown: Gatekeeper. First ride was boring, second ride was much better, 'very good' even, but still not as good as I was hoping.
Biggest spite: Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain...I don't wanna talk about it :'(
Favourite New Park / Favourite Day at a Park: Holiday World <3 such a brilliant park and two fantastic coasters with the Voyage and Thunderbird...plus free 'soda' <3. Honourable mention to Stricker's Grove where we gatecrashed a church picnic to get the two creds!
Least Favourite Park: A few dumps in America to be fair...Indiana Beach was probably the worst, Coney Beach, Martin's Fantasy Island, honourable mention to Codona's Aberdeen too
Best Trip of the Season: Credmerica of course...gutted I didn't make a live in 2017 :(
Favourite Memory: Stone Cold 'dying' whilst being attacked by a wasp, finally visiting Cedar Point, experiencing my first Impulse coasters and half pipes, solo theme parking in Finland when I visited Helsinki for my Boss' wedding...it's been a pretty good year!
Worst Memory: Corkscrew at ValleyfairExclamationMark being open on arrival but closed after about an hour due to overheating. Still annoyed.