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How successful has your 2017 been?


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To compliment the season highlights,
how successful has your season been? in a quantity of your choosing:

Number of creds - new and/or old
Number of parks - new and/or old
Number of days spent gooning
Number of fresh top and/or bottom tens
Number of hours spent on this website

Or if you're not a numbers person, go all wordy on us.


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Overcame my fear of heights on Power Tower, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster (In that order). To be honest, the only scary part of TTD is the wait. After that you don't realize that you were even going that fast or even up that high. Millennium Force was probably the scarier (For the time) and the most fun for me. The lift hill goes by quick, and the drop goes by quick, but after that I just threw my hands up because it was so much fun!
EDIT: Decided to add some stats
Favorite New Cred: Millennium Force
Least Favorite New Cred: Thunderhawk or Wolverine Wildcat
Favorite coaster from a new manufacturer (For me): Mystic Timbers (First GCI)
Least Favorite coaster from a new manufacturer (For me): Wolverine Wildcat (First Dinn (Unless you count the Beast))
Favorite Moment: Facing My Fear of Heights
Least favorite moment: getting stuck on Gatekeeper
Worst Spite: TTD, which would've been my sister's friend's first roller coaster.
Favorite New Flat: Delirium
Least Favorite new flat: MaxAir (It's the only ride that's ever made me nauseous.
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New Creds: 26
New Parks: 2
Favorite Park: Dollywood
Least Favorite Park: California's Great America
Favorite New Cred: Lightning Rod
Least Favorite New Cred: T3
Surprise New Cred: Wild Eagle or Freeze Reverse Blasy
Favorite Moment: Green light on Lightning Rod after having to watch ERT from the sidelines last year
Least Favorite Moment: Waiting an hour for that piece of **** known as T3

So basically, 2017 was a fantastic year. I did three different trips, all wife my wife and Antinos, plus others sprinkled in. My wife actually enjoys coasters enough now that she isn't annoyed by the trips, and looks forward to going (mainly because of friends being there too, but I'll take it).

Looking ahead to 2018, it's gonna be ****ing awesome.

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Number of creds - new and/or old
New Credits (including my 900th!) 44 (+1 Alpine) , All credits ridden in 2017 110

Number of parks - new and/or old
New 11, All 41 (it would have been slightly higher but tropical storm Cindy made me cancel the remainder of my June trip)

Number of days spent gooning
I wouldn't even know how to answer this. Technically for work, I am inside a park basically every day of the week.... And then a lot of the time I'll go to one of the local parks here but not necessarily the ride anything. Just to like, walk around or maybe get lunch or dinner. But for non local park visits it would be, umm, 25 days

Number of fresh top and/or bottom tens
Not a fan of 10's buttttt Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom was definitely the sleeper hit of my year!

Number of hours spent on this website
Uh, a lot? Probably 10 to 15 minutes twice a day basically every day. Normally before I leave for work and then once I get home.


Captain Basic
-New Creds: 4
-2017 Creds: 18
-New Parks: 1
-2017 parks: 3
-Favorite Park: I don't know, it changes all the time
-Least Favorite Park: Umm... uh, not really sure. Bay Beach, I guess?
-Favorite New Cred: Joker, SFGAm
-Least Favorite New Cred: Wacky Worm
-Surprise New Cred: Zippin Pippin(when you ride it, you'll know 'the hill')
-Days spent gooning: Pretty much every day including work. :p But if we're talking non-home park stuff, it would be 1.5 days. Not the strongest amount, but it sufficed.
-Fresh Top/Bottom 10s: No new additions, although some things switched places in my Top 10. Top 20 changed a bit, too. Bottom 5 stays the same.
-Number of hours on this site: More than I'd like to admit lol. Pretty much 5-10 minute sessions scattered all throughout the day for almost every day. Oh yeah, I also became a mod here, so that didn't really help. :p
-Favorite Moment: I have quite a few. First off, I was able to meet up with three of you guys(@Jarrett , @Mysterious Sue , and @DelPiero ). You were all great, and I had a wonderful time showing you guys around. Another thing was that I was able to go on an Alaskan Cruise, which is an incredible experience. If any of you get the chance to do one, take it. Like I said in the last question, I became a mod here! What an awesome team you guys are. 7 years ago I was watching CF's POVs and falling in love with coasters at the same time. Now, I get to be a part of it. Seriously, love you all. <3 And finally, I was able to work at my home park this year. SFGAm has been a part of my childhood for as long as I remember, so finally being able to be a part of the team(and in one of the best years the park has ever seen, too) really means something.
-Least Favorite Moment: Can't really think of anything park-related I hated. Even if I only went to 3 different parks this year, I had a blast at all of them. My least favorite moment this year would be something political, but I don't want to start anything here.

Despite not being very impressive statistically, 2017 was an awesome year for me. So many new faces, new experiences, and just a load of awesome stuff. My hope is for 2018 to have more park visits(looking at SteVe to become #100), but I can never be sure about any park plans. :/


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-New Creds: 12
-New Parks: 2
-2017 parks: King's Island, Seabreeze, Darien Lake, Fantasy Island, Canada's Wonderland, Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, Dollywood, La Ronde
-Favorite Park: Silver Dollar City (Dollywood of the parks visited this year)
-Least Favorite Park: Don't really have a least favorite, though I think I had the worst experience at Canada's Wonderland this summer
-Favorite New Cred: probably Goliath at La Ronde. I don't ever hear anyone talk about it but it was a solid fun B&M.
-Least Favorite New Cred: La Ronde's SLC. -Shudder-
-Surprise New Cred: See Favorite new cred
-Days spent gooning: Couldn't say, It's about the people more then the creds.
-Fresh Top/Bottom 10s: Nothing New, but some shakeups in my top 10 from re-rides this season
-Favorite Moment: Telling @tomahawk he had the green light on Lightning Rod and his restraint was in place. Couldn't have been happier to see Tom finally get to take his turn on it.
-Least Favorite Moment: The same as it is for me every year. Having to say goodbye to people at the end of trips.

Overall it wasn't a huge new addition in terms of creds but it was a wonderful season of friends and fun and honestly that's what i care about.
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Imagineer Josh

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-New Creds: 49 (ugh, so close to 50)
-2017 Creds: 130
-New Parks: 10 (if you include alpine coaster locations and credit whoring locations; I did)
-2017 parks: 26
-Favorite Park: Dollywood
-Least Favorite Park: Safari Land (it's a credit whoring location, but the dispatches were AIDS)
-Favorite New Cred: Voyage
-Least Favorite New Cred: Green Cancer Cursed Sh*te
-Surprise New Cred: Mystery Mine, X2, Cornball Express
-Days spent gooning: Do I have to answer? Quite possibly everyday. Gotta talk the talk!
-Fresh Top/Bottom 10s: Top 10 - Voyage, Lightning Rod, X2, Storm Chaser, Twisted Colossus, and Cornball Express. Bottom 10 - Goofy's Sky School (what an awful Wild Mouse), T3, and -insert Least Favorite New Cred-
-Number of hours on this site: A lot. Not even going to try to answer :p
-Favorite Moment: Driving into Magic Mountain for the first time
-Least Favorite Moment: Waiting around for 45 minutes at Magic Mountain as we waited for the slow-ass Magic Mountain customer service. My sister lost her glasses on -insert Least Favorite New Cred-, and they didn't really know what to do. With that, my mom spend another half hour, pissed, retrieving my sister's back-up glasses from our car in the parking lot.


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Looking back, I think I've only been to the one park this year in Phantasialand. Don't recall any others, so all my new creds are from there. Which means the whole best/worst is a bit redundant. Not even been to any UK parks that I can remember.

Anywho, best new cred is obviously Taron, best ride experience has to be ERT on Taron at the end of the day after a bit of drizzle. Number of hours on CF is an awful lot more than you'd realise, especially given a fair chunk of it goes on looking through old trip reports when planning things etc...

Next year will be better though, Alton and BPB (hopefully for the lives), Liseberg possibly.


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Number of parks visited: 1
Number of days at parks: 1
New parks: 1
Old parks: 0
Favourite park visited: Kongeparken
Least favourite park visited: Uhh, Kongeparken

New creds: 2 or 3 (depending on whether you count Alpine coasters)
Old creds: 0
New coasters in top 10: 0
New coasters in bottom 10: Uhh, probably 1 or 2, but I'm not good at keeping count.
Favourite new coaster: Bukkerittet
Least favourite new coaster: Svalbardekspressen, probably. It was all right, but a kiddie ride after all.
Favourite new flat: Ørnen, Kongeparken. Really nice view!

Favourite moment: Discovering that Kongeparken was actually superior to TusenFryd in all aspects except for big coasters.
Least favourite moment: Walking off a KMG Experience feeling rather queasy. Who would know such a small ride could be so disorienting?
Number of hours on this website: More than last year! 100 or so, at a guesstimate. Within that order of magnitude, at least.

So, overall, a pretty average year for me. Hope to make 2018 better somehow!

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New Creds: 97
New Parks: 19
All Creds: 118
All Parks: 33
Favorite Park: Tokyo Disneysea, of course.
Least Favorite Park: Magic Springs, aka $50 for 5 creds, the best of which was closed. The best coaster there was by far Gauntlet, the SLC... (though I am lowkey a fan of SLCs *ducks*)
Favorite New Cred: X2!!! For obvious reasons. Skyrush is right behind it though.
Least Favorite New Cred: Goliath @ SFNE, the only ride that has ever hurt me so bad that I considered giving up this hobby
Surprise New Cred: Undoubtedly Rollin' Thunder at OWA. An Alabama Zamperla cracking the top 30?!? What is this science fiction? Honorable mention to the shock of Goliath SFNE being that insanely painful.
Days spent gooning: Geez, I guess about 40 or so days were spent at parks this year! That's kind of insane actually!
Fresh Top/Bottom 10s: X2, Skyrush, Boulder Dash, El Toro, Superman SFNE, and Phoenix have entered the top 10. Goliath SFNE, Arkansas Twister, Viper SFMM, and Green Lantern SFGAdv have all entered the bottom 10.
Favorite Moment: I would have to say seeing Tokyo Disneysea's Mount Prometheus for the first time. Truly an experience beyond description. Honorable mention to my second ride on Flight of Passage.
Least Favorite Moment: The moment I remembered that Goliath SFNE was a boomerang so it was only halfway over.

This has been by far my best year with me nearly getting 100 creds in a year! The previous best was 32 in 2012. It really was a great time though. Not only getting to do tons of great coasters but getting to see Tokyo Disney was just beyond incredible. It was more than anything a ton of fun; can't wait for 2018 which could end up even better! Europe here I come :emoji_sunglasses:


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2017 was a pretty great year for me, ended the year with 17 new parks and around 75 new credits.

Favorite new cred: Lightning Rod. After two attempts to ride in 2016, I finally got on it in April. Instant new #1, lived up to every bit of the hype and then some.
Least fave new cred: Manhattan Express, probably. I didn't really hate the ride or find it THAT bad, I think it was the combination of flying across the country for 12 hours, getting off the plane, and going straight to New York New York that messed me up.
Biggest surprise cred of the year: Boardwalk Bullet, HW Legend, or Georgia Cyclone. 3 fantastic woodies, enjoyed them much more than I thought I would.
Biggest letdown cred of the year: Voyage? Yeah probably Voyage. In the day time its absolutely nothing to rave over IMHO. Trimless at night (aka HoliWood Nights) is definitely the only time it should be ridden.
Favorite coaster moment of 2017: Finally getting a lap on Lightning Rod. All the effort to ride it was well spent, and it was so fulfilling to finally ride it.

Next year is shaping up to be an insane year for me. A couple trips around the US, 6 parks in the UK, and a massive 15 park Sweden/Germany/Netherlands trip!


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New Creds: 50 – best year since 2009 :D
New Parks: Wiener Prater, Schloss Beck, Plohn, Belantis, PPS Park, Tibidabo, Animal Park Berrow, Old Macdonald’s Farm, Bayside Fun Park, Duinrell
Best new cred – Shambhala, Port Aventura
Worst new cred – Volare, Wiener Prater. Yeugh.
Biggest surprise cred – Baron 1898 and Dragon Fly at Duinrell
Worst spite – That bloody kiddy cred in South Shields that was closed after a long drive – and then moved to Spain. Also, Betty’s Beehive coaster turning out not to be a new cred. A cred at PPS Park also spited us.

Favourite park of the season – That’s a tricky one – didn’t get to any of my top 3, so might actually be my lazy afternoon at Efteling!
Best experience – Shambhala while heavily intoxicated. Never had a ride quite like it.
Worst experience – Trying to fight through the crowds at Port Aventura during their Halloween event, and foolishly riding Baco on the front left outside seat </3 Trying to find food at very busy Parc Asterix was also a bit awful.

Best individual day at a park – I was going to say Wiener Prater, but going to Blackpool for my first Live in nearly 5 years was a nice moment and a really good day.
Worst individual day at a park – Probably Heide Park. I’d been looking forward to getting back since 2009 and despite the two new B&Ms, it was SO flat and a lot of rides not open.

Best trip of the season – Hard to pick between Vienna and my whistle-stop Netherlands trip – both were very successful and fab in different ways.
Best people you met – Met 2 or 3 new CFers at Blackpool, including Howie, I’m told!
Best non park experience – Iron Maiden in Oberhausen and the afterparty in the nearby bars.
Worst travel moment – All the hire car hassle in Germany, but especially the flat tyre at Hansa. Utterly ruined two days of the trip, not to mention the cost.
Favourite/Funniest moment – Sue’s ridiculous cred run in the Summer, racing from Big Sheep to Animal Park and turning up around 10 years too late for the Great Yarmouth coaster.
Favourite memory – I’ll get back to you on these…
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Donkey in a hat
Best people you met – Met 2 or 3 new CFers at Blackpool, including Howie, I’m told!

Whaddya mean, 'I'm told'??
Heartbroken that our first meeting left such little impression on you, Will. :(

49 new creds for me, best season since... well, ever.
To put that into perspective, my best season before this was 34 new creds in 2016. In 2015 I only got 3 so yeah, 49 is pretty bloomin good for me.

New parks: Walibi Belgium, Plopsaland de Panne, Parc Asterix, Toverland, Phantasialand, Movie Park Germany and erm... Brean Leisure Park :oops:
Total number of park days: 13

Best new cred: Taron. No brainer
Best new park: Phantasialand. No brainer.
Best park of the season though was Efteling. Had been before but fell in love with the place on this visit.

Worst new cred: The SLC at Movie Park Germany.
Worst park: Brean. No brainer.
Most surprising new cred: Bandit.
Funniest moment: Bandit.
Best trip: Ghosterforce.
Best park experience: Night time ERT on Taron. Closely followed by The Clinic at Walibi Holland's Halloween event. Closely followed by that powered alpine coaster at Toverland.

Worst travel moment: Sat nav hissy fit when trying to get back to Schipol airport for return flight. Plane left at 21.15, we were still in the car at 20.00 when the sat nav went into panic mode over a new road layout.

Best non park experience: World Athletic Championships at London's Olympic Park - seeing Team GB taking the men's 4 x 100m relay gold (the one where Bolt fell over).

Best people I met: Will (so I'm told ;) ), @witchfinder , @Sandman and @chainedbanana . Top geezers.

Really good year, then. Very happy with it. Here's to next season!


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New Creds: 12
New Parks: 2
Favorite Park: As always, Six Flags Great America
Least Favorite Park: I guess Mount Olympus, but I still really like the park
Favorite New Cred: Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast
Least Favorite New Cred: River King Mine Train... yawn
Surprise New Cred: Everything at Mt. Olympus

Favorite Moment: Quite a few, but my top 3 would be
1. Getting on the final cycle ever for King Chaos at SFGAm
2. Riding Hades 360 for the first time
3. Last train of the year on SFGAm's Goliath in the freezing cold

Least Favorite Moment:
1. Finding out that Boomerang would be closed for my trip to SFSTL
2. Riding the body slides at SFGAm's Hurricane Harbor... I still have a small bruise

Even though I've been an enthusiast since 2012 or so, this was my first year visiting new major parks, so this has been quite a memorable season. Looking forward to 2018!