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Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023


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I would have guessed both the protests and covid19 would have really hurt HKdisney. But I'm particularly fond of it- its such an easy and relaxing disney park. I hope it gets back on its feet


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^ Yeah, the numbers for last year haven't been released yet, but when they are, Disney and Ocean Park will have taken a massive hit. I wouldn't be surprised to see a reduction of around 20%, or maybe even more.

That's last year though because of the protests. At least the parks were open. This year will also be appalling because of the virus. They've already missed out on Chinese New Year, which is one of their busiest periods, and even when they do reopen, tourists aren't going to be coming back to Hong Kong for a while, and locals will still be worried about being with crowds of people.

It's a mess.
I take it they're not doing any construction work at the moment, what with everything surrounding coronavirus?

Looks to be coming along well regardless, though!
I don't know honestly. The park is closed, but I don't think that would affect construction crews. Construction work elsewhere (right opposite my f**king building for example) is carrying on as normal. If anything, they might even be taking advantage of it.

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