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Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion


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I know this sounds weird, but I can almost taste the flavour of each colour scheme. I quite like them and I guess thats what they're going for. I don't mind how ugly they technically are.


Any other ride I would be unimpressed or indifferent. But its called Candymonium ( :rolleyes: ) and was said upfront each car would have a different scheme based on their brands. Its a cohesive theme that works well for me and I really like them.

All at the same time as thinking Orion's could have been so much more.

Matt N

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I actually think they look quite nice! Admittedly they don't have the detailing that some of my favourite looking B&M hyper trains do (e.g. Mako), but I think they look quite smart and will work really well!

Matt N

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So, when are we betting this will open? My personal guess is around April/May if they can get it testing by mid to late February!