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Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion


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Made the trip yesterday and got like 14 laps. Some thoughts:

As stated earlier the airtime isn't as strong as Mako, but I feel this definitely has the better layout of the two. Where Mako has an incredible first "half" and almost no excitement after the MCBR, this is essentially one straight shot to the brakes. The first hill is a great ~3 seconds of floater, though definitely wish it was shaped like Mako's good hill. Glides through the turnaround like butter and into the first trimmed hill. These trim are [legitimately] hit or miss... sometimes trim 1 hits and the second doesn't, sometimes trim 1 and trim 2 both hit lightly, sometimes trim 1 doesn't and trim 2 hits hard. It varies every ride. Speed hill is very fun, good pop of air there. The helix and dive out of it were fun but not as exciting as hoped. Rest of it is fun and the turn around the fountain is a cool touch.

Overall it's a wonderful addition to the park and will be a crowd favorite. The area looks great as well but still needs some work to not be an active construction site. Will look very nice once everything is done.

Matt N

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Great review @CoasterMac305; thanks for sharing!

On the whole, would you say you prefer this or Mako? I would assume you preferred Candy as you said the layout was stronger, but I was confused because you said Mako’s airtime was stronger.

If I had to guess from POVs, I’d personally say that I like the look of Candymonium more than Mako; as sublime as Mako is, I think Candymonium’s layout looks like it has much stronger pacing throughout, and the airtime still looks very strong.

Also, by Mako’s “good” hill, I’m going to assume you mean the first big camelback just before the turnaround? That and the first drop were certainly the two moments that really stuck out to me on Mako; the whole ride was fantastic, but those two were just beyond sublime, with both providing phenomenal sustained airtime!


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Haven't fully decided which I like more yet (brain still settling down from skyrush marathon), but I think I'm leaning towards this. Mako's main hill (the one before the turnaround, yes) is stronger than any air on Candymonium, no doubt. I think my mindset is that while Mako has the edge in airtime strength, Candy feels more complete of a ride by having more layout before the "MCBR". Just depends on how you look at it.


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This section of the park has long since opened by now, hasn't it? Thread unstuck, then.