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Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion


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If you're going to sell a roller coaster as pushing the envelop, which Hersheypark is as the "tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster at Hersheypark", when in reality it is one of the shortest B&M hypers in length; yeah, that's gonna be an annoying jab for enthusiasts.

Granted, many parks build "tallest, fastest" roller coaster types that are only mild variation of the roller coaster design (think a lot of tallest, fastest B&Ms for their type such as Valravn, Alpengeist, Riddler's Revenge, etc.) without bringing much new to the table outside of being taller and faster. But that's where Candymonium grinds my gears; it is going to be a very average (if not below average) B&M Hyper. I'd be perfectly on board if it even just had a bit longer of layout. Or, and hear me out here, they built the exact same layout as a Giga (coughKingsIslandIsProbablyGoingToBeTheSameLengthAsThisOnecough). But, this is, what it is: an aggressively average B&M hyper in a park with one of the best hypers in the world.

And no, please don't try to rationalize a 210 ft. coaster as a family attraction. :p
I think saying that this could be a below-average B&M hyper is a slightly ludicrous statement considering B&M hypers seen to have evolved and got much better over time, and Mako is regarded by many people as one of the best B&M hypers. I'm not saying this will be as good as Mako but I'll bet it wont be far behind, if at all, considering they have similar elements and stats.

Matt N

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I'm certainly not trying to say that Candymonium is a family ride; it's taller than every coaster in my home country bar Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Also, I'm not sure if we should judge it just yet. I seem to remember Mako receiving a somewhat similar reception in 2015; a lot of people said it looked like a lacklustre, below average B&M hyper. Now it's operated for a few years, it seems to be one of the highest rated B&M hypers on average! Candymonium may well turn out the same; we need to look at how the layout is profiled and what the pacing is like once it's built before we can truly judge, in my opinion.

As you say, it may not live up to Skyrush in the eyes of many enthusiasts, but I think it will provide a different enough experience that it won't ultimately matter.


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I honestly think people need to get a grip, sure this won't be as intense or as good (for people like me who like intense rides) as Skyrush, though if this ride was like Skyrush then it would be way too similar and wouldn't really have a point in existing.

This coaster is going to be a floaty smooth experience that will please and eat crowds. This will be a hypercoaster for those who aren't fan of intense rides which Skyrush seems to be pretty extreme in intensity and ejector. This will be a contrast to Skyrush, this is a good thing IMO.
People would complain if they built another intense hyper coaster tbh, they would probably say "oh its too similar!!".
Can people just like appreciate Hersheypark are getting a good looking B&M Hyper in addition to their already great lineup.


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Oh, hey - we had this exact same argument when Mako was announced! And you know what? Everybody is right to various degrees. This is a huge ride that will be situated in the front of the park. Pair that with the fact that there is no way in hell that it will be anywhere close to Skyrush's intensity and we can all deduce that it will be a winner in the vast majority of guests' eyes. And yes, it will be a vastly different ride from Skyrush for the reasons stated. Skyrush to Candymonium will more resemble Steel Vengeance to Magnum than Skyrush will relate to Candymonium.

But I do get where Matt is coming from. Take a look at the rides on RCDB:

Out of 17 models built, it's the fifth shortest in length and the seventh shortest in height. Out of the 17 built, all but one are out and back designs, nine utilize a hammerhead turnaround, and 13 feature a spiral or helix of some sort. Candymonium has an astoundingly average layout. Many have jumped in to say that Mako is one of the smaller hypers with an average layout, yet it's good. If B&M and Hersheypark are using Mako as a benchmark, the ride will be fine...but that doesn't mean that the rides aren't run of the mill for their product line.


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I love a super intense coaster just like any other enthusiast. But I also love the floater airtime that B&M Hypers are famous for. I'm excited for this coaster to come to Hershey next year. However, the build up and announcement certainly didn't live up to the hype. We learned nothing new, and this coaster isn't anything new either. But it looks like a solid B&M.


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Yeah I think they’ve played it safe with this and purposely not gone for anything too extreme.

Skyrush is an incredible coaster but it’s airtime and intensity are insane, way too much I’m sure for many average guests to HP.

This should be more of an overall crowd pleaser. Nothing special to get us enthusiasts raving about it, but a solid coaster that is also visually impressive to guests entering the park. I’ll still be heading straight for Skyrush and Storm Runner on my next visit though!


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I really like B&M hypers and I'm glad to see more of them coming. Honestly other than RMCing Wildcat, this is the best ride they can do.

Skyrush also isn't a crowd pleaser. People are aware of its intensity and pain. It has a shorter queue than most other rides in the park despite being the big boy at the front of the park. A B&M hyper will be a huge win for them. And if anything, the line for Skyrush will probably be even shorter once this opens!

But also, does anyone know how steep the first drop will be?

Matt N

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It will most likely be in the 70°-80° range.
Mako's drop is apparently 75 degrees and Shambhala's is 77.8 degrees, so I think you might be onto something there!

Also, am I the only one who likes this addition? I love B&M hypers and think that this looks absolutely fantastic, but the resounding tone on the Internet seems to be disappointment...


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Mako's drop is apparently 75 degrees and Shambhala's is 77.8 degrees, so I think you might be onto something there!

Also, am I the only one who likes this addition? I love B&M hypers and think that this looks absolutely fantastic, but the resounding tone on the Internet seems to be disappointment...
I mean Mako is your #1 so I can see why you would be. :p


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When the first reveal all that time ago showed a B&M in the footage I was happy. Now we have stats and from concept art a rough idea of the layout I am reminded about how happy I am.

If you prefer Skyrush then perhaps give this a whirl every few rides to rest your legs.

However, if I am going to get enthusiastically annoyed by something, its that I have to go to a 2nd area of America no where near Orlando, and also Beijing to complete the set. Which is actually fantastic news even if a little pricey. Not so much £ I could have built my own hyper, or given the money to add another hill to something in production so will take what I can get.
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Aaron Smith

Went to HersheyPark for the first time yesterday. Had an absolutely amazing time. The coasters were fun and the park is super cute. Took a few pics of Candymonium construction. Probably not much different than what’s been posted.

On a different note, Skyrush was incredible. Nothing can prepare you for those forces or those ****ty restraints. It was still an amazing coaster. Wow!

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The name is pretty awful, but I do quite like the logo. Appeals to me for some reason. :p

I like how they have the name/sign up already, that's a good touch.


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I'll be honest, I'm excited to see the train designs with the chocolate brands. BUT THAT'S IT! ;)