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Harlem Shake

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  • What the hell is a harlem shake?

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When I first saw the topic I didn't know what the hell it was. So I checked that. Then I saw the song at the top of iTunes and thought "well this is crap". Then I saw it and didn't think much of it. Not even remotely funny.

Goats however!

Though, I much prefer the goats when they are edited and timed correctly, unlike most the clips out there which bugs the hell out of me.

Gangnam I found before it was outrageously popular, but it had lasting factor and it was useful for banter at work.


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tomahawKSU said:
and it just sounds like an absolutely idiotic.
Oh the irony. :roll:

I'm in the "I like them" camp. They're harmless fun, and the more creative the video the better.
They're waay out of date now, however, so you've got to cringe/facepalm at people who are STILL uploading these. :p


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I was in this one:


The female voice says "con los terroristas" which translates to "with the terrorists."

As for other internet fads, goats and sloths make just as little sense, but they're just as awesome.


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They did one at the recent Snooker Welsh Open.


My money is on TPR being the the first theme park enthusiast group one and Thorpe Park will do the first "official" theme park one.

Couldn't give a **** about it either way but if I was caught up in one, I'd happily join in. 10 seconds of being a twat is nothing when I've been doing it for a lifetime.


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They don't bother me, but I don't find anything good about them either.

It epitomises one of the worst things ever however - it's essentially a video version of people constantly quoting an only mildly funny phrase over and over because at one point it got a laugh and it's become a fad to do it. People think it's funny to repeat the some crap old joke over and over in "different and amusing situations", but in reality, it's just really annoying.

It's like being with a bunch of students constantly quoting the Monty Python's Holy Grail (if I hear "we are the knights who say NI" one more time, I'll scream) - it's a semi-fun joke/idea done more than to death to the point where I may agree with Tom and people may need to be shot for it :p

Thankfully though, this is on the internet so can be avoided easily


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Yeah well your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries, so there.

And TPR may be the first but for the next 4 months and 3 meet up's there's a domestic group that'll still think it's funny and overplay it. Oooh, vague.


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Ian said:
My money is on TPR being the the first theme park enthusiast group one and Thorpe Park will do the first "official" theme park one.
A few Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Sea World parks have beaten Thorpe to the punch. TPR will kill the meme three weeks after it dies like always, *me points at the YOLOcoaster meme.*


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It's quite impressive the lengths people are going to:



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Oh and this sums it all up rather well:



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So the Harlem Shake just got a flight grounded...

Good Job FAA
Shame on you UCBoulder

Screaming Coasters

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Its funny how people only JUST know about this song now... Harlem Shake came out 3 years ago and I've been DJing it for years! Yeah, I love it. In the underground world, Trap music has been around for time, but its only just getting recognised as people are moving away from Dubstep.

Trap / Moombahton are the new sounds for this year!

Mr Nash

I've avoided watching this type of video,mainly because of that bloody Gangnam Style song.

Everything about that song really got my goat,it got to the point that whenever I heard it,I want to punch someone.But I must admit having watch this one,it has made me chuckle,it certainly is one of the better songs of it's kind out there,it's harmless fun,put it that way.