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Hansa Park | Highlander | Funtime Gyro Drop Tower


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I think in this instance it might be a TÜV thing. Hansa are notorious for being well up on their safety codes etc. So it could be that the other style doesn’t tick all the boxes?
That's scarily close to the "lapbars aren't safe" argument. :p


Potentially, but they also have a +200ft coaster with a reverse freefall lift, an inversion and that has lap bars soooooooooo ;)
I get that. That’s not really what I was getting at however. The thing is, the restraints that have been installed pass TÜV stringent requirements. What I was getting as is that maybe the other style hasn’t been checked and tested by them, and rather than building the ride and then having it tested, potentially delayed for modifications etc. It’s easier and most likely cheaper to use the tried and tested method?

As for the lapbars not being safe argument. That’s all bull****. They’re just as safe.


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Some pictures of Highlander after the 5th section was fitted yesterday from HAPA Forum.

Picture from Hansa Park showing the 5th segment being attached yesterday.

On CoasterFriends.de it was reported that today they have already fitted the 6th and 7th sections bringing the tower up to about 80m now.

EDIT: New pictures showing the current height of the tower.

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A second episode of the construction blog has been uploaded on Youtube, but it is again not really up-to-date with the construction photos we have seen.


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This is ****ing humongous! If it rides anything like other FunTime models (HangOver at the German circuit) it will be terrifying and great!

Can't help but complain about how long it takes for the car to get to the top. I mean, after all these years of doing drop towers, elevators could be a faster, right? Or maybe it's at that speed because it's testing?


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I gotta say, I have a bit of a weak spot for drop towers, I do hope it'll be open by the time I go in May! :emoji_hearts: