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Hansa Park | Highlander | Funtime Gyro Drop Tower


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Hansa Park have started teasing something new for 2019.
"Something big is coming"
To be announced 17th August.

Not known yet if this will be a ride or something else. Although I think it would be odd to use the phase 'something big' if this isn't for a ride.


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What Hansa do with Gersts is great! I for one would certainly not be disappointed if they added another! The park would do well to top the fabulous Karnan though!


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This is actually a top priority in Europe for me, both Novgorod and Karnan look like Gerst's best!

Since it seems to be rising as sort of "the gimmick" lately, maybe an extreme spinner? Europe doesn't have one yet, they just did one in Asia with inversions, and between that one and the American Dream one, they seem willing to branch out with the ride system for innovation. Something like Time Traveler with a slightly less ballsy layout but spinning as much as a Tony Hawk clone would be great with an enclosed lift and Hansa's attention to theatrics on their rides.

I'll for sure be watching this! Germany and Holland are looking like a possibility for 2022 depending on how my life's going.


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Yes! Love Hansa, new reasons to return to ride their crazy Gerst contraptions is always good news in my book.

Matt N

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It might not necessarily be a Gerstlauer, though. Or it could potentially be a new concept from Gerstlauer; maybe their take on the Xtreme Spinner that @Jarrett suggested?


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I have good faith in this because the owners seemed very keen and switched on about delivering high quality attractions when they met us on the live last year! Really interested to see what they come up with.

Karnan and Novgorod are awesome and probably the best gerst's I've done (can't think of any others that top them right now) so I'd be happy with another gerst if they can continue that level of quality.

Luca B

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I wouldn’t mind a Gerstlauer family spinning coaster with an inversion, similar Gekion Live, but with a different theme.


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Given the lack of construction so far I wonder if might be a large flat ride perhaps a drop tower?
Then again since Hansa theme their coasters after opening them they could probably easily build a large coaster between now and June/July 2019.
Either way Hansa have been making some great additions so I'm looking forward to whatever this will be.


They had to give up a good flat-ride in Torre del Mar (their Starflyer) for Kärnan, and they could need a good higher capacity flatride in general. Maybe an updated version of the Gerstlauer Skyroller? That would certainly fit the place and be a worthy replacement of their Starflyer.


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Sky Rollers still aren't tremendously high capacity. They certainly could do with a high capacity something to absorb some of the longer queues.