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Surprised I didn't think of this sooner, and that it's taken this long to be mentioned in the thread, but Orphan Rocker is in with a shout too!
At least that one was a one-off built by a company with no prior experience. An even worse offender in the same category is Vertigorama at Parque de la Ciudad in Buenos Aires. It was built by Intamin and Giovanola in 1983 and has remained SBNO since.

Granted, that probably wasn't the fault of the manufacturer, because the park was always struggling ever since its construction, but they still managed to have five other coasters operational for 20 years (one of which was also built by Intamin). However, they never managed to finish Vertigorama. As far as I can tell, Intamin never sold another coaster like it either.

The biggest mystery nowadays is why the coaster hasn't been torn down decades ago.


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The biggest mystery nowadays is why the coaster hasn't been torn down decades ago.
I guess tearing down 3,5km of roller coaster track is quite a big expense on its own as well, so it'll just continue to rot until they decide to use the land for something else.


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When you think about it, the RMC treatment is already a kind of hall of shame for the Dinn Corporation.


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First thing I thought when I read the topic was the Huss Topple Tower. There were only 5 ever installed. One ended up in a lawsuit of faulty product.

As far as we know, there is only one left operating.


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Never ridden one (which is probably no bad thing) but I feel the infamous Intamin Space Diver is worthy of a mention.

I feel like most coaster types S&S were involved with in the old days deserve a shout as well, but most notably the dreaded Screaming Squirrel.