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Hainan Ocean Paradise | China | Theme Park


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I often see people saying this about Tornado but when I rode back in '09 I just remember it being stupid and fun, must've aged like ****...
It strayed too much into the so-stupid-why-did-they-bother territory. I will admit that I only rode once, and that's always a tough call on a spinner (heck, on any coaster!), but I remember it jerking horribly, slamming you into the restraints (which are quite 'sharp' given they rub your neck) and all in all just a poorly executed ride. That was in 2015, so maybe it has been doing downhill?


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I rode Tornado in 2018 and it's my favorite spinning coaster. It's only jerky on one spot which is the unbanked turn after the launch. I am on the shorter side so the restraints didn't bother me as much as my friends who are much taller.


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Tornado has always been a marmite ride. Some people love it and some people hate it.

This ride is very similar but the elements are a bit more stretched out. I'm sure it will be a solid spinner but I doubt it will provide the bats**t and ultimately polarising experience Tornado does.

The interesting thing with the previous discussion about this park picking up 2 Intamin coaster types that have been seemingly long abandoned is that China is building another one of each this year in Chongqing's new Nickelodeon Park. Perhaps not so dead just yet.

Although it's also worth noting the coasters at this park were delivered and due to open 4 years ago. So they are older than you might think.


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More pics here: https://www.themeparx.com/hainan-ocean-paradise