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I went to see Svalbard on Friday because it turns out I really like their latest album. Good stuff, though I was sad not to get a couple of songs that were played at the warm-up show in Bristol.

Coming up is Creeper's spring tour where I continue to spend a lot of money I can't afford following them around. Hoping to get some of the more obscure songs and happy that venues are more intimate than they were in the Autumn (aside from that awesome night in Antwerp!).

Bruce has a solo tour that I've waited twenty years for and I'm doing two nights in May (Manc and Notts) and just found out there's a random Ice Nine kills gig in the middle of those two that I'm also doing.

What a time to be alive :D


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Since my last post in this thread, I've been to see:

- Trivium + Heaven Shall Burn - Barcelona 7th February 2023

- Electric Callboy - Barcelona 10th February 2023

- Avatar - Barcelona 24th March 2023

- Rammstein - Madrid 23rd June 2023

- Malevolence - Madrid 23rd June 2023

- Babymetal - Madrid 23rd June 2023

- In Flames + Kreator - Tokyo 1st February 2024

And Upcoming shows I've got are
- Meshuggah - Barcelona 25th March 2024
- Rammstein - Barcelona 11th June 2024


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Ended up doing both Creeper gigs in MK

This is Hannah. She is my friend now - and Crickets is one of my big favourite tracks

At least one more date to come on this tour. Hope they keep mixing up the set.

I also took a very large crowdsurfer to the face which was not my favourite.


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The crowd were a bit naff in Lincoln compared to the insanity of MK, but duetting The Ballad of Spook and Mercy, in silly voices, with somebody quite special to me was nice.
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Saw The Hives in Leeds on Wednesday! Such an amazing show, I am a broken man. I'm not a very expressive person normally, but I expressed myself by jumping around and smashing into other people jumping around.
They played a massive set compared to their usual outings, 20 songs and plenty of banter, including a few oldies that really got people amped up! When was the last time they played 'Try it again'?!

(An HPA-sanctioned photo. "Take out your phones, take a picture and post it on all your social medias. Now put your phones away.")
I did see him throw somebody's phone into the air after they shoved it in his face halfway through the second song. No sympathy, put it away and experience the show.

And my other half caught one of the drummer's broken sticks after getting a photo with him outside the spoons next to the venue!

And I got told to shut the f*** up by the singer after we all kept chanting "yorkshire".

There was a young lady next to us that screamed "I love you you're gorgeous" to the singer of the opening band. Then her mum spun round and, in a hushed tone, said "You are drunk, you need to calm down" 😂