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"Get Yer Mumbos Out" (FL/LWV) trip reports


Firstly can i say a huge thank you to all who kept Dylan entertained throughout the weekend! He had an amazing time! His favourite coasters were Twister and the wild mouse at Flamingoland..... he's obviously a mentalist!

Flamingoland was nearly intolerably hot as per usual. But it's such a fun live there because you can get everthing done in good time and faff about a bit :p (or a lot !)

Lightwater Valley was great as well! Fudge <3
I got to ride on the front row of The Ultimate which is something i've never had the chance to do on previous visits (Thank you Rach!)

Dylan also still has an inflatable hammer!!!!

Thank you to Ian for the party bags!

These parks are never a dissapointment when it comes to live enjoyability...

I have epic knee bruising and i'm all stiff and achey but i think thats because i have a cold or something because i'm all stuffy lol...

The bruises are definately The Ultimate though.

Was great to see everyone again!


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Group photos!

Apologies for the terribleness of the sensible Flamingoland one! It's a bit better than what it was though.
I don't think the location really helped much either, but meh.

And the Lightwater ones!
I really like the sensible one.



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What makes me really LOL about the LWV photos is Willy!

Firstly you can't see barely see him in the formal one and in the funny one, he's hardly moved but is poking Manderrr with the Vadge stick. Subtle genius!


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Rach said:
Group photos!

Apologies for the terribleness of the sensible Flamingoland one! It's a bit better than what it was though.
Flamingoland is just cursed. I had an out of focus one there once too!


Woo good times!

Ultimate ERT was unreal, I don't think I've ever been so genuinely scared in ages! By half 10 I had been well and truely violated, in the best way possible though of course. Thanks to LWV for that!
My bruises are appearing slowly, after doing the Ultimate 9 times in total, I'm properly feeling it today.

The company was great, thanks to whoever I got chance to speak to! Although a day isn't really enough time to get to know people.
Beth loved it too. She thinks you're all hilarious, we shall be finishing our party bags at college this week. Thanks Ian!

Thanks to Ian and Slayed for organising, and thanks to everyone for making it a great first live!

I didn't take many photos at all, some are terrible. But they're here..

Oh and I'm still yet to find out who said I sounded more geordie than Pierre!


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Got back home about an hour ago. Just getting all my pics from my camera to my PC now.
Thanks everyone for a great weekend, am glad to have gone to two new parks with great people.
And still hurting like crazy from when I did the Ultimate blindfolded with my hands up and the lap bar about 30cm above my lap. :p


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I did not really take that many pictures at Lightwater apart from the ERT I have to be honest I did not really enjoy the day that much. I enjoyed spending time with CF members but the park just felt flat and had no atmosphere which was strange really. I am going to post some of the better pictures I took of the day of CF'ers doing what they do best and having lots of fun.

Thanks to Slayed for getting the ERT.

Thanks Ian for all the planning of the weekend and the bags off goodness :)

Thanks o everyone that made it another great CF Live. It was nice to speak to people who were on their first CF live trip as well.


My second Live was a lot of fun - massive thanks to Ian for picking me up and driving me about. He was rewarded with me letting him get away with looking at my rack ;)

Second to John & Tanya who let me stay at theirs and for everyone else who stayed over for the lots of lol's provided :)

Only took a few pictures but the ones I did take pretty much sum up the weekend so i shall post them later. Now where is my nearest Tayburns....?!


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Emmerrrrrr said:
Oh and I'm still yet to find out who said I sounded more geordie than Pierre!
That'll be me then, lol. I didn't realise you'd heard that, but yeah, you do, lol.

Photos to come, give me about a month, I took a lot!


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I'll put a couple up for the time being, mostly the skate-karts really, because that's the main source of photos at LWV.

Lain's expression on the 4th is priceless.


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650 photos sorted into the two days, reduced drastically and uploaded to Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Or if you don't have Facebook, then here's the Flamingoland TR.

So after a really early start, we arrived at Flamingoland around an hour and half later to be greeted by closed gates and a further half an hour of sitting outside the gates. But we amused ourselves quite easily by stealing vadge's shoes and socks and sticking them on windscreen wipers.

Half an hour later we were in and parked right at the front of the car park ready for the day ahead. Most of us ran directly to the ticket booths and then straight through the turnstiles to the toilets! After yet another half an hour wait, we made our way over to the first ride of the day which was the Runaway Train.

After our early morning doseage of pain, we intended to go to Velocity but it had a bit of a problem, so instead headed to the Wild Mouse for another shot of pain.
I did not enjoy having my boobs squashed against the bar on every corner and set of block breaks.

After Mouse, we saw Velocity was back up and running again, so we went for some motorbike action before the queue built up.
Velocity remains my best ride at Flamingo, great launch and it's fun with the motorbike seats.

Following Velocity, we had a spot of Navigator action! I sat out and took photos as I don't really like the shorter Disk-o rides.

Rob's I cba with this anymore look is amusing in this photo.

Corkscrew and Dragon had now opened, so we went over there for that. Corkscrew was first which was a must ride for me considering how much I miss Corkscrew at Alton.
I'm also glad to see that they have removed the ear cushions from it!
Corkscrew was a bit bumpy, but I enjoyed it cause it brought back memories.

Sat out of Dragon as the night befores lack of sleep was starting to catch up with me and I was feeling a bit bleugh from it. I'm glad I managed to fall asleep in the car on the way up (even if I was being bumped awake every so often).

After everyone had finished whoring, we headed over to Splosh for Flip Flop and Splash Battle. I really wanted to ride Flip Flop this year, but felt too ill to ride when the group done it so sat out and took photos.

We headed for Splash Battle next, I sat out again as I hadn't brought any spare clothes with me. But I did run through the water play area a few times with Vadge and Tanya trying to cool down a bit!
It was great fun taking photos of the Splash Battle action!

I opted for home brought food with Vadge, Jordan and Mander. We sat under a tree in the shade on some grass (which is a very rare occurrence at Flamingoland). Once we had left the bench, we went to the near by pub where we were joined by Nadia, Ed and Tom.

At half 1, we left the pub and headed for Cliffhanger for meet up. I <3 Cliffhanger. The shot and drop mode is fantastic! Brilliant ride.

Vadge had a bit of a accident, her arm had burned and when she took the plaster off, there was a nice white plaster mark.

After Cliffhanger, we went onto the slides and faffed a bit while people were packing up cake and taking photos of Jumbo. (Me included there)

Once we had finished faffing, it was time to move onto the longest queue of the day for Kumali. We waited about half an hour for it as the throughput was truly awful. One train would've been fine if the staff hadn't let through 2 train loads of disabled/queue cutting people and then repeatedly checked the restraints.
Do the restraints really need checking when the train comes into the station? Quite terrible really.
And the ride wasn't all that good either, my poor ears and the thing is aging badly!

We headed for the Pile of **** next where I found a rock with some shade to sit on.
Luckily, this rock was a perfect spot for taking photos of the ride.

We had run out of decent things to do by now and were all starting to flag slightly, so we headed over to the People Moover to get over to the zoo side of the park.

When we got over the other side of the park, we done the tractors and most of the group headed for the Zoo.

Me and Vadge could not be arsed with the zoo, so we caught the people moover back over to the other side of the park. While waiting for the thing to come, we saw some people we recognized being whores on the Go Gator.

Our people Moover train came then. We got in and headed back to the other side of the park. While on the way back we got teased by Flip Flop, so decided to go on it.
My GOD that thing is awesome. The airtime is fantastic. Really enjoyed it even if it did make me feel a bit off for about 5 minutes after.

Now getting fed up of the sun and having phoned Ian who told us to meet back at 5:45 at Jumbo decided to go for some chips and a play on the 2p machines cause the heat was now scorching.
Messed around for a while then headed back over to Jumbo (via Cliffhanger for me).

I decided to ride Cliffhanger again as I love it. I also witnessed a train load of CF goons go round Jumbo. And as expected one said they'd been on it as we walked past.

Met back up and done the terrible group photos and then waited for the Jumbo queue to empty while having water fights and various other messing abouts.

Nick gave us the go ahead around 20 minutes later to go on and ride. To maximize the amount of rides we got, we were asked to make 4s, but some people insisted on riding in the group they had made and not how they were coming up. This pissed quite a few people off. We're all friends for god sake!

I managed 4 rides and I really enjoyed it! The front was better than the back. Out of the 4 rides, 3 were at the front. I really enjoyed the ride! Thought it was great. Really exceeded my expectations. The drop was fantastic and the inversions were brilliant to. Really liked the dive thingy that was good fun!

That was it then. Sad thanks to the staff and headed for the exit via the toilet! We all left and headed for a well deserved rest ready for the most ultimate ERT session ever.

Really fantastic day, throughly enjoyed it and was the better day of the two! :D


I would also like to thank Stone Cold for his stuborness, which helped us both get the Go-Gator credit.... Not moving, mot getting off, just once cos' I'm not moving! :)


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Way to tired to upload pictures and do a TR which isn't like me, I think I have a photo of near enough everyone on either of the ERTs. Still pissed I forgot my memory card to my camera.
Just like to say thanks to everyone for making this happen, my favourite non-Europeon-Live yet. Really great to see everyone again, and talk to some other members I hadn't beforehand. :)


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ciallkennett said:
Jordan Middleton loves Ciall Kennett, and Ciall Kennett loves Jordan Middleton.
Hehehe yay! Don't EVER change your screen name <3

Once again another fantastic Live, weather was brilliant for Flamingoland second year in a row for me, withstandable at Lightwater, company, again fantastic, Cherry Lucozade <333, lots of sweets, Daim Bars <33, bats and their hilarious walking habits, baboon times, Mumbo Jumbo ERT, shouting at dirty little Scouse children in Kumali Q, Ultimate ERT <3, getting drunk off of 1 pint, balloon times in the Rat Q, embarrassing the Ultimate ride host, sexy fit ride host on water slides <33 but most of all you lot.

I always think it's definitely the people, rather than parks, that make the Lives what they are and with every one I go to it just makes me want to go again and again and again throughout the year! The off-season this year will be AWFUL, but I will look on the bright side, we still have 1 more Live for 2009 and if this years meets are anything to go by, it's going to be an AMAZING end to the season!


Pressie :)


An excellent couple of days.

Cheers to all.

Yum party bags.

Woop ERT!

Will...................have you tamed the Beast? :p


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OMG Kaz, that was the funniest CF Live video I've ever seen. THANK YOU :D

I'm so gutted that I couldn't make it but it looks like you all had and absolutely amazing weekend.